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It's 22 April 2009. Today is an official date for World Earth Day. I know nothing much about this day and not to mention what had I done for earth. I had no time to even know something else other than exam that I am facing but I would like to spend few minutes on this particular topic that should be concern by all of us. Earth is where human had stayed and live for decades but it is getting worst day-to-day due to human inventions and also doings. I am not blaming anyone in this but hoping everyone could spend some responsibility to take care of earth. I remember the earth hour months ago. It is a vey good way to actually help the earth. Going green is also one of the way and what most of the corporate doing nowadays due to corporate responsibility. Don't just say and not taking any action. Let us start from today from small things. Happy World Earth Day!


Nowadays every place no longer safe for people. No matter when, where there is something happen around us.

Just few days ago, the place I live had happen 4 cases of robbery just in one day. This is a real serious matter because under the eye of security, robber still get to break in into other's people living place.

What is the security doing? I thought condominium under security watch would be safer than place that doesn't have security who knows still there is robbery. Student and resident here would be really scared and also anxious because their safety and life were in danger.

Just some reminder to all,becareful no matter where you are. Be alert all the time incase there is danger approaching. SAFETY FIRST!

Token of Appreciation

Coming back to KL I feel bit upset because I gona miss all my friends and family.
Busy non-stop too upon reavhing home. Had been attending 3 hours revision class after I reach KL yesterday morning. After that today, had been doing the household for few hours which is kinda tired. Just right after house keeping I had to rush to market to buy some food to in stock because there arew nothing left for us after few months holiday. Carrying all those stuff were tiring and cause me backache. That is not important at all.

BUT, BUT I was so surprise, happy and also touched when I was looking into MCnet and found something which was to my surprised. Thanks to Jason, the person who had done the video. Thanks to him and it is so nice of him!

Human is Complicated

Don't you think human are too complicated? No matter in thought, feelings or relationship. Everyone in this world had different perception, different mind set and different idea. BUT somehow in my point of view I think all of this is interconnected and that is how one's attitude build. For example, someone who think LOVE is just a normal rountine of life, will have same feeling towards every relationship. However, it would be vice versa if someone who thinkLOVE is precious and should be treasure will never simply had feelings toward someone and will be serious in relation. But sometimes how much percentage of your sense, your feeling can be trusted? Are you sure your feeling is true enough to let you make a decision which is IMPORTANT? Remember that feeling is sometimes just a sense but deep thinking shall be take into consideration. BE WISE, BE CLEVER!


Yesterday went out with bunch of friends to gather before I leave. I am going to leave the town for about half year before I return to this land. I am gona miss them so much.

First round, I was at ALfresco with my ex-classmates. Its been long time since I met them because some of them were not around during Chinese New Year. Not many of us that night but the heart that counts because I am glad they came.

Jess -pEi- & Casper
yunhao & jiawei

Next round, I went to HALO Cafe to meet up with Jason to look at my photo if you do remember the previous post I did said about our outings for photoshoot. Luckily the third round of gathering dinner at SOHO cancel due to some circumstances, then I have more time at HALO Cafe. If not I will be rushing to the next venue just like a Marathon.

I had a hard time choosing those wpicture but I am glad with that because this means that the outcome of the photographers are great and awesome. Ya, nevertheless I get to meet someone new that night too. Nev…

Temporary Carpark Ticket

I was so excited yesterday when I was invited or asked to have a movie. It is indeed very nice of that guy which I don't know whether to state his name in here or not. But never mind he is just to nice to offer and pick me up. The weather is not doing great because it was raining so we decided to park somewhere near the entrance instead of the basement and due to some circumstances too we are not going down into the basement.

I will just skip the reasons and story in between to save some time..hehehehe
.........After getting the ticket my friend decided not to park in there because we can find any parking as well as the security is not cooperating. So he parked somewhere else nearer. I was looking at this so called car park ticket and this is so lame!! I never expect some mall have this kind of services.

I was about to throw that ticket away but my friend had this idea to post this in blog, so I did it. Hahaha....
This ticket is just an old piece of paper and somehow it was not printe…

My Holidays END

Holiday is time for enjoy and relax. I had came back for about 2 months and what have I done? I can tell you I done nothing at all except drink, eat and sleep. One more thing is hang out with friends drinking and chatting.

Two months is a very long holiday for me but indeed I am happy spending it because I am back to my lovely land, Miri. Spending it without purpose is little waste but I did had fun time with all my activities and events that was unplanned or planned.

Trip back to Miri this holiday really worth it too because I get to know more new friends and understand more about my new hobby, Photography. It is a type of investment and it will a long term one for sure. Therefore, I need to spend and save as much as I can before I get myself something that suits me.

Every beginning will always have an ending. Only time matters. My holiday almost end and it is time to keep all those laziness and relaxing feeling and start preparing for coming war that I am going to face when I am back t…

Sunday Outings

Last Sunday early in the morning the sunshine was great. I am loving this kind of day because it is not too sunny and little windy. The session start at 7.30 am and it was quite a relax one because there were not much people around... hahahahaha...

The session only last about one hour but hoping Cynthina did get what she wants. So sorry for her because I did not wear what exactly she wants for her theme. Paisehla.....

By the way, I did managed to grab some picture too that day. But not with proper skill but I just love the blue skies and green plant which makes me closer to the natural.

SOHO NIght - VIP arrival

It is Saturday night. Saturday should be a great weekend for everyone to enjoy after whole week of work and tiring weekdays. I manage to invite some friend to gather around and chit chat before I leave.

We gathered at SOHO. It was my first time there but I had a great time enjoying their environment. It is a great place to sit down realx and chit chat. Somehoe, last Saturday was not a really nice one for the weather because it keeps raining with great thunder. Luckily it stops when the time arrive for me to go out.

Someone shocked me that night besides the two guys Alex And Yong that I had invited. A surprise guest was brought along by Yong. I never expect I get to know someone that high from the forum. At least I think he is....hahaha
The person that I met last night for the very first time was Ryabren.

Having conversation with him just like normal friends with laughter and also joy around. He makes jokes of course and did teach some important lesson how I should bring myself when I was …

Popiah / Spring Roll

Popiah / Spring Roll

Spring Roll is actually one of the easiest food to prepare and with lots of mixture in it.

1. Carrot + Mushroom + Turnip

Add in all those ingredient and cook it together. Of course add in suitable amount of salt and flavouring.

2. Bean Sprout (optional )

This should be cook separately from the above item because this is optional. Depends on one’s taste.

3. Tauhu + 虾米

This is optional but definitely will be tastier because both of these are fried

After ready all those ingredient we shall start to do the spring roll. Of course you would need a spring roll skin. That is the most important item in making a spring roll.

Tear it out slice by slice. Put the ingredients that you had ready and put only that you like or you can have additional one too.

Start fold from the end ( the end that face on your body side). Cover the ingredients that you had put on it. After that, fold the right and left side. After cover, roll over until it covers all.

TADA~ Roll it one by one and you will so…

Great Man, Great People

This holiday had been avery nice one and I had a great time than I had before. I get to spend some time with some new people that I get to know form the net. They are friendly nice and of course great to talk with. Let me intro them one by one.

Group Pic after photo shoot at Traffic JPJ my4to, limpek, -pEi-, alex899 This picture I would like to say more about alex899 because I don't have any photo with him alone, so I had to use this group photo. He is a cool man when I first know him. He rarely speak but during the day for shoot he did want me to do some post for him and I am glad we did had some conversation and he is actually a very nice and easily approachable person. Great man he is!!!! -pEi- & my4to This man I had so many to say about. He is nice, easily approach and great man too. He is the one who guide me a lot in the whole photo session. He gave a lot of idea in how I should post. A gentleman he is too. He jokes a lot too with another funny photographer which I am about to …

Cita Rasa 2009

I guess this is a little bit outdated post but hope things is never too late. At least I make the effort right? I been there 3 times and did not get the opportunity to get the shots of the day so I went for the third time to get it. That is what a photographer should have right? The spirit of not giving up. herm....Am I qualify to be called as photographer yet.

Nevermind, that is not the point of this post. This is my very first time attending this Cita Rasa in Miri. It was not bad and I get to see lots lots of food which is what I love to see and do to hunt for more food.

Earth Hour 60 , Night at Miri

On the 29 March it is hour 60 day event. Most of the people in the world were preparing to switch off their lights for one hour starting 8.30pm at night. I managed to join the photography gathering that night at The Grand Old Lady.

We were waiting for the time to come, however it is all a disappointment indeed. I was quite ashamed too that night because I am the one who went without my camera due to some circumstances.

Instead, I did get to know some new people who were great in photography. The organiser had been a great one because he keeps us entertained with his jokes and also his creative idea in photography.

Overall, that night was real fun and I am glad I did go!

-pEi- & ieR
-pEi- & karlos
-pEi- & Malcolm

That's all for the day!

Sunshine saturday

Last Saturday I was invited by Jason for photography shoot and I was indeed excited and anxious the day before the shoot. On the day there were 4 photographers, Jason, Ng, Alex and also Cynthina.

The photo shoot session starts at about 8am and last for about 2 hours. It was a bright sunny day. All of us are working hard for the outcome. I am a newbie in posing and being a model but I am doing my very best hoping to give the photographer the best outcome. I am hoping they will be satisfied with it when they edit and look at it.

It is not an easy task for all of us but indeed photographers make the most effort. They don’t only shoot for picture but at the same time trying to make jokes to break the ice on that sunny morning. Not only so, they had to climb up and down to get the shoot that they want. It was not as easy as we see from the outcome. Just like the Chinese proverb, “perform only takes 3 minutes but prepared need much more effort”. “台上三分钟,台下十年工!!”

Thanks to all of them, I did …