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Harry Potter 7 - Deathly Hallows (Part 1)

This is the big thing that everyone had been waiting for. It had been almost 2 years. They did not show last year which it should be. This is the last part for Harry Potter, Harry Potter Deathly Hallow. It was divided into 2 parts and I am hoping that Part 2 will blast me off.

This time round, there's more battle scene than before. It won't makes you feel boring, just between Voldemort and Harry Potter all the time. Everyone knows they battle among each other but some how they should something new in their story line.
Dobby once again appeared in Harry Potter 7. He is still so cute and lovely even he is still very talkative. But somehow his life comes to an end together with almost ending of Harry Potter. The moment he died was so touching and I kinda drop tears when I saw that moment.

A few scenes that you will get to see in the movie. You will heard some familiar magics in the movie. You will get to recall back what you had watch previously. See it and enjoy it. Hope you gonali

Tai Wu Cantonese Restaurant

There was this saying about Manchester having the best dim sum in UK, do you believe it? Yes or No is up to you to decide but so far for me they are.
I had the opportunity to go to this famous Tai Wu in Manchester as per my friend who studied there. I'm glad that I get to know a lot of new friends too. Super awesome they are.
Their interior design makes me feel I was at Hong Kong. I never been there before but just look the same as what we always watch from the movie.
See the long list? I don't even know what to choose. But first of all, I don't even understand most of the words. =.=''''
Egg Tart
I am so loving this egg tart. So crispy and yet so tasty too. I love how their egg taste. Not too sweet and yet you still able to taste their heavy egg aroma which most of the egg tart nowadays don't have anymore.
This is just so yummy. I love this when ever I go for dim sum. Never miss out in my list. Ever since I'm allergy to it, I can't pi…

Pancake Express

There's one thing you can't miss out when you were around europe is their desserts. They are good in fusion and changes for better quality of food. Believe you will be impress. At least for me they are. This, Pancake Express is one of them. Visited when I was at Manchester.
They had a varieties of choice to choose from. From desserts type to salty type that had vege or meat in the pancake. A new style of eating but it is very interesting. For the very first time in my life I ever tried such pancake.
But still I chosen the very traditional type. Strawberry pancake with Nutella and whipped cream. I simply love the layering and not over sweet. Too bad I can't stay longer to try more of their other choice.

A worth trying place if you are around Manchester. You can shop and enjoy great food at the same time.

Airy Cafe

I just love it when comes to food review. I had been eating non-stop all this while. Do not mention my weight but somehow I gained food experienced. ahahahahaha

This is one of my personal favorite cafe. Love it ever since it renovates. Their food is still up to standards and never change. Not all of them were great but at least they had top ten list. Most of the time I had their lunch set. this time round tried their dinner pick.

Seafood Soup
One of my fave no matter where am I. This is not bad at all. Vinegar and sesame oil just blend totally well in it. Great mixture.

Sizzling Tofu
Personally think it is too salty. The ingredient they cooked with was not bad. If it is less salty. I guess it would taste better.

Midin with wine
This is famous local vege. A must pick most of the time for me again. West Malaysian who were here should have a try because they can't found it anywhere there.

Deer meat in sizzling style
I like deer meat especially when its cook in simple way, garlic with onion. T…

Nine 2 Five

Don't know where to have your dinner your lunch? Don't know what to cook or fed up of doing all the cooking and setting the menu everyday? Come to this restaurant which is quite reasonable and have varieties of food.

Cucumber Soup
I love the soup. Great sense of chicken aroma. I just love how it taste and how it can makes me cool down.

Sesame Honey Chicken
This is nice. Personally my mum give a thumbs up for it. I love the texture and sauce. It is not over cook with is hard to chew. A little salty and sweet is just awesome.

Claypot Mixed Vegetable
This is simple but yet very complicated. Not only vege but also vermicelli. Personally think they cook and done a little steamed after that to let the vege absorbs the gravy.

I don't what's the name for this in english but somehow this is the very simple vege but somehow what we have to eat almost everyday.

Sweet and Sour fish Fillet
This is not as good as it looks. Tempting color but taste is not as good as the honey chicken.…

Waterproof 35mm Camera

I am so so happy when I first get my new gift from my BFF. They gave me something that I always wanted. Something I always wish for collection. Something I always want for more and never stop hoping for more and more.
This new lomo really brighten my day. I am so happy when I got it. I can't wait to try it out. Additionally it can be used to take picture under water. Superb isn't it? You'll see the outcome pretty soon.

Little Banquet - After 3

My first time visit to little banquet after a few months they landed at Miri. A very classical interior in the middle of our old china town. Nice and great place to let you sit down and relax.

They have variety of choices range from western to local cuisines and also breakfast of course. Beef greatly done. Of course not as good as what I have had at Europe but this good enough.
Lemon Chicken. Not as good as it looks. Their sauce is so not blend with the chicken. You can feel like it was 2 separate entity. No connection at all. Sweet and sour fish. Just okie dokie only. Not really really great. I know somewhere better than this. Can have a try thou because everyone have different taste.
Butterfish. Personally the gravy was not bad but some how the fish was too sandy taste. U know "dan sui yu" always have the sand taste. Maybe the can use some other fish. Can hardly cover the taste and smell.
But I think it is great to have another new place to dine.

Dessert Master

If you do realise I'm a food hunter and basically I had do so many food reviews but never did one for Miri yet. Because all this while I was at KL. Now, I'm gona review this newly open dessert house in Miri.
They had varieties of chinese desserts and also local cendol and rojak oh.......Here are some that I tried.
Gui Ling Gao Tofu Fa Aloe Vera Steamed Egg with Milk Taiwan famous "Ai Yu Bing"
Durian Pancake Overall I think their steamed egg with milk is quite good. Before I forget also their Mango Sago is very nice too. I did not get to capture a picture of it. Their durian pancake outer layer is a little too thick. I still prefer KL sweetchat. Much tastier. The above name is what I can remember and might not be the same from what is in the menu.