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Soon after opening of Silverspoon, OLD TOWN catch up their paced and open up after a month. If you remember or if you don't, I ever do review of it at KL here and here. I am doing this review again because franchise might be different in some ways not to mention the fast food restaurant of course.
Interior design is the same for the entire branch because this is one of the main terms a franchisee must follow in order their potential customer to recognise them. Classic seats with black & white photo on the wall.

How can you not try their speciality, coffee and also tea. I am picking Xi Mut Milk Tea and below this is White Milk Tea. I can't afford to taste the different unless I owned a golden tongue that taste every single details taste.

Coffee Lava Coffee lovers gona love this because the coffee powder is spread over the vanilla ice-cream. Ice-cream and coffee lovers might like it.
Soup Egg Noodle My first time trying this. I can't compare because I never tried this before b…

Monte Carlo

I was in movie fever recently. Heading to cinema for movie after one to another. No idea why but there's just too many movies screening that I would love to watch. Maybe there's not much entertainment and additionally its summer time in Europe, they have more movie release this month. Just my guess!

After transformer last week, I was once again at the cinema for Monte Carlo. A comedy which does not really attract me at first when I saw the poster. I don't really go for western comedy unless I know the storyline of it or the trailer was attracting.

Some of the scenes that you will see in the movie. It did recall some of my memory because some parts of it took place at Paris where I was there a year ago. Truly weird and funny feelings when you see something in the big screen the place that you had been before.

Scene from Monte Carlo in Hotel de Paris. I think that's how they written it. Story line was normal not much high or low issues but it was definitely funny.

How will …

Transformer 3 - Dark Side of the Moon

Are you transformer addict or fans? Have you watch the previous 2 series? Have you been awaiting Transformer 3 that everyone had been gossiping about because of the female character who is no longer hot sexy lady and also they are in 3D this time.

A few scene that you will see in the movie. As usual Shia LaBeouf the main actor have his action part too. A new girlfriend he is dating with is much hotter and taller than he does. He faces what every fresh grad might face when seeking for job and he is unemployed for 3 months more or less.

The decepticons is after him while he was working in his office. I had no idea what position is he in but to me he is no different as an office boy.

The new character of autobots, Sentinental. Autobots that were out of expectation. We thought he were like Optimus but some how he have different thought because in his world they were gods and he do not want to be part of Earth that they have to work together with humans.

The new actress Rosie Huntington - Whit…

First Half of 2011

Twenty eleven is just half gone by now. Nothing much really achieved by me or shall I say I don't even have my resolution written this year, or any other year so particularly not only this year. It doesn't mean that I'm aimless but I have no dreams that I had full passionate to go with. It seems like I can be ok with anything at the moment. I am still looking for something (goal or dreams) that I can achieve in life. I hope I will find it one day.

Enough of this dreamy thing. First half of twenty eleven seems peaceful but some expected and sad situation happened. Death is certainly something very common in life but people still would be sad about it. I happened to lost my only grand elderly last week.

I went back to Kuching after 10 years for the same reason I got back there 10 years ago. I feel so pathetic and upset because I never return in these 10 years to visit my grandma. I feel bad and filial. Time will not turn back. I can't re-do what I have not done but I am ho…