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Bangi Kopitiam

How many of you really know what kind of cafe does our ancestors go? Something really wooden and very classic? Everything was manual instead of advance technology we had now? All those machine to do human job. Does it looks something like the picture below?
Do you think this is basuically what our ancestors or our parents generation used to have type of coffee shop. Agree? BUT this is somethingwe had now. I just change the color and makes it looks old and classical few. The original photo was below.

This coffee shop gave me a very classical feel when I scan through their designs and also decorations. They are using those classical concepts or to say had been open for few decades. And they are still keeping this tradition that we can hardly see nowadays. This is Bangi Kopitiam.

Wooden chair and marble tables that are used long long time ago is still reamined in here. That are not just simply wooden chait we can find now but kind of antique style. Scroll down and you will know.
How oft…

Happiest Day

I am truly happy today. When I am always off from work my buddy told me that the MJ limited edition shirt has arrived. I was so so happy because I knew something I had bought will be arriving today too. Adding that I am going off from work and back home makes me happier and really make my day. Nothing much to actually describe how I actually feel but really happy to the highest point. Hope you all will feel the happiness out of it and also have a great day too!! Enjoy the photos! My first own bought lomo camera!

Love it? I had not try it yet because this is gona used film so I wish to fully utilise it instead of just simply snapping around that waste the film usage. Stay tuned for coming pictures! I told you that I got my limited MJ soul nation shirt isn't it? Here it is. I must say the designer had puts lots of effort designing it. From the shirt itself until the packaging of the shirt. Don't believe? See it yourself then....

me, wearing MJ shirt. Purposely put it in B&W an…

Pasta Zanmai

Went to Sunway Pyramid last weekend. Plan to meet up Garry actually but he was packed with his own scheduled so we, the GIRLS were having our own shopping spree. Basically it was a nice one except for me because I bought nothing but I had my stomach full when we left the mall.
The decoration is basically not bad. I just love their lighting which is not too bright and dark. Just right lighting to have your meal.

The beverages corner where drinks are ready. I personally think this is good because customer get to see how their drinks served and ready without any hesitation.
The kitchen where you will see how your food cooked. Somehow I just love to see their action while cooking and it was a little bit like Heel's Kitchen. (a game)

I did not have the name of the food we ordered this time. Besides I think it was pretty pretty long indeed. So I would just roughly mention what it is and describe how it taste. The Unagi Choice. This is Sze's meal of the day. I think she really loves U…


Remember my previous post saying that there's something to be continue? This is it....MARDIGRAS. Do you know what it is? Or any idea what thing or place it is? It is actually a lounge or more to a pub. Hey, don't misunderstanding ya. I am here because of work. I wouldn't been here after work if there's nothing related to work. I would rather choose to lay on my bed and sleep. They are actually organising a summer Christmas which I found a little bit weird. They have sneak preview on the party girl contest 2009 too. Wanna know more? Click on to MARDIGRAS!

As you all know it is definitely dark in there but that night flash were the lights that makes the night bright. Non-stop flashing from the SLR. the medias were there too. It was not a pretty happening event or maybe I guess we were early. We were not there too have fun but just to have a look and also see how is the event going on. ONE CARD is one of the sponsors to them.