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PIDATO - 31October 2008

I wonder do you still remember I did mention in my few post back that I am going for pidato competition??

Today is the day for the very first round. I was eventually not nervous at all and I had been praticing fromt ime to time to ensure that I don't forget any points that I had to mention during the PIDATO!!

Before my turn, I had been repeating all the points and keep myself cool down. I am not nervous but when it is my turn and I stand in fornt of everyone I tend to stuck and words seems like hardly came out.

Whew~~ But it is now all over. Now, I have to wait for the result to see whether I can proceed to the second round which is the semi final evenythough I think I had not been doing very well in it. Anyway, as long as I had tried my best I am satisfy enough. Now I can only wait.......

TeamGD a.k.a cync haRpiE BurfyDaY!!!!

It is TeamGD a.k.a cync birthday!! Eventhough we had not know each other for not too long and we just met each other for only three times but we had great and fun time together while we hang out. She is a very cute girl isn't she? She is nice, she is funny, she is hilarious and she is just simply gorgeous!! This is the picture we take together. Tryong to edit and make it looks a bit nicer hope cync will like ot. I had not much picture with her but it will going to have tonnes of it when I am back there.
Here we are the picture of me and cync and WISH u Haappiiiii Birthdiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is nothing much that I can give you but hope you will have a great year ahead and enjoy your birthday tonight because it is your night and special for you (ladies night)!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahahaha....


27 October is actually a public holiday at West Malaysia and NOT East Malaysia. Why is that?? It is because we have more indians here than East Malaysia do. So it is a public holiday. Did not plan for any outings or shopping because kinda lazy to go out and pack with other people la.....

At night, my classmates called me to go for bowling!! I was so excited because it had been ages since I last play bowling so I agreed and we reach at Times Sqaure Ampang Super Bowl at about 10pm.

The environment in the bowling court is not bad and lots of people playing too.

tiNNy & -pEi-

yIppIe~~~ time for game...we are having great time and it is indeed a nice one too
It actually remind me of the time I was at Miri and playing with GD dear.
Not much picture as we are focus on playing and also aiming the pins. Hehe...lastly, I get the highest score of the day..kinda happy tho......=)
It is not end of the night yet, we continue to play pool which is ready at the bowling court.
This is my first time pla…


CONGRATULATIONS!! Once again MM had achieve great achievements which made Mirians proud of and I believe for those who had been following this site all along know that MM trying to do their best to keep their readers with food info. NOW, I proudly announce that decided to come up with their own MM shirt and officially starts for ordering.

Below are the design for the shirt. You can have a look at MM official site the price the measurement of the shirt. This shirt only comes in one color which is BLACK and also remain their own significant logo just like the above BUT now come with variety types. *They have POLO, V neck and Round Neck. If you would like to have one too, what are you waiting for....visit now and order one for yourself!!!

p/s: * updated information

Another TaggeD!

1. What’s your ambition?
- no idea

2. Who is more important to you? Friends or boy/girlfriend?
- neither of them coz family more important (include future husband)...hahaha

3. Describe yourself?
- I would say no one is perfect but I am trying to be what I wish to be BUT I dare to say that I am a good listener

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
- I guess that is the thing that I should gain more in the mean time

5. How many babies you want?
- as long as my financial can afford (hahahaha =0 )

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
- yes unless theres no sun =.='''

7. What is your goal for this year?
- studying totally hard to graduate and wish everyone the best of all

8. Do you believe in eternity love?
- I do but seems to go extinct

9. What's a perfect girlfriend/boyfriend like to u? (List 10)
- loves me for sure
- hardworking, loving, caring, funny and serious when the moment he needs to be
- respect the eldest
- be honest
- share his problem even most of the GUY wo…


Its been almost a month since HariRaya starts and it almost come to the end. My neighbour had invited us for their open house which says that HariRaya is going to end soon. As long as I can remember, I had not been visiting any Malay friend's house since I came here because I don't have any Malay friends over here. I always wanted to taste the original food they prepare for Raya. Stop saying and we will start with the FOOD!!!

Kuahci There is also ingredient inside which is made of coconut flesh. Taste so unique because the outer layer is salty and the inner coconut flesh is actually sweet.

4 Happiness ( I named it myself =] )
Meehoon with chicken and soup MeeHoon with Beef Soup
Pulut with Lontong
Noodle with Curry
After eating the above food I actually did learn something. Every soup is mix with different food. You don't simply just mix one soup to your noodle or meehoon. You can do that but you might not get the genuine taste of thet food. TuanRumah (in red) who in…

The Return of JESSICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dear dp-ians, friends, sister and brothers, mother and father,...oppss going to over. Let begin again...

Dear dp-ians classmates our dearest Jessica Teh is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's welcome her with a run of applause!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~She is back after so long missing in action. I miss her so much. I miss her laugther so much. I just MISS her!!!

I had promise that I would meet her up when she is back and my housemates which is our secondary classmates will bring her around with my hospitality. We went to Genting again. This time the road is more clear without the mist that makes us hardly even look at the road like previously. We went to Casino because she wanted to have a look after so many years. Not much people up there that night but the wind is definitely a cold one!!!

She don't really enjoy herself in there then we plan to come down from the hill. It is indeed a nice view you can see along the way down the hill but it is a stiff one. After that, we went to somewhere …

ONE DAY Genting Trip

Our class 2ABM5 had planned to go Genting. We planned for one day trip and it is really a nice and great one. We had planned to start our Journey at 0830am at OLD TOWN CAFE. Of course we have to have our breakfast first isn't it??? hehehhe....
This will be a post full of pictures, so pictures will do most of the presentation than I do. Curry Prawn Mee
OLDTOWN Twin White Shake It is realy bitter. Not even single taste of sweet. But overall still not bad but I don't think I will go for the second time at the moment. I might suit for some coffee lovers.
Kaya & Butter Toast ( double)
The taste of the bread, butter and Kaya is simply just marvellous and nice. It is just like everything just combine together with one, with different taste.
The guys chit chatting even having breakfast.....?-?OLDTOWN Egg Toast
I guess after about half an hour or 45 minutes of travel we reach half way of the mountain. We plan to visit this temple.

-pEi-, tiNNy, VickY, Linda & LiLiSuccessfully reach Leve…