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If you did read my post I think you gona remember I did post about the October fest organise by 1 Utama. Today will be last day of the event . So, get your ass out of your seats or home and come over and join us at LG Rainforest 1 Utama. The night is happening with all of you around. You can claim your RM 1 beer if you are a one-card member. ONLY 500 bottles PER DAY! Don't miss the chance. You can drink there and bring along some friends to chit chat with. It is truly like a club environment but the best part is the entrance is free but only for non-muslim and not minor below 18. So what are you still waiting for? Come visit us and you might gain something in return. I will be there too. Call me if you see me...heheheheh!!!

HK Cuisine

Once again I visited another similar HK cuisine at Times Square. People used to talk about Kim Gary Restaurant and it was one of the most popular choice of the west malaysian. People tend to say that West Malaysia is similar to HK because they specak cant0nese and also had the same taste as the HK-ians. What do you think? 'Liang Teh' This is good for hot weather. Cool down the heat and temperature. MakanManiacs is here. hahahah...Nola just my god brother and not the whole team. Bring him around to try some food but seems like it was little disappointed for me.
His colleague. It's not that he don't want to be expose but purposely take it that way incase needs his permission to have his photo up here.

And one more thing. This is the very first time I had all the cameras on the food instead of me alone. I used to nag by my friends to have take pictured on the food but this time round I had another 2 with me. Even I looks so mini in size.

Vege Rice with Chicken This is Kelvin&…

Slurpeelicious Contest - VOTE!!

I had nothing better to do and used to take pictures where ever I go. People that know me well enough know that I am a person that loves to take photo but without quality.
I admit that but still it was fun to have picture every time there was an outing. It was for a piece a memory that we might forget in future.
Alright, back to the real business. I'm not the type that going merry-go-round for what I am asking for. So, the purpose of blogging this post is actually to get people around me to vote for my picture that I had posted in here.
I am so so happy that my picture had been chosen for the final and running for the grand prize.
I would like all of you out there who thinks I worth a vote from you and go to the link HERE and click to vote me. Be fast before the voting closes on 25th October 2009.
Your vote would be much appreciated.

October Beer Fest

End of October will have great event ahead for you to attend and participate around. I guess this october will be a very happening around asia.

First of all, we had the event that all the blogger and readers have been awaiting for so so long. The NUFFNANG ASIA PACIFIC BLOG AWARDS. Readers had been nominating their favorite blogger. After that, they would press their phone keypad till it flats to vote for their favorite blogger and nonetheless they will sure keep blogging something about it to ensure they get the ticket to fly over to Singapore just to watch this historical moment happens. Did you vote?


I believe everyone knows that Halloween is just around the corner. Everyone is busy scratching their mind what to wear or where to go during this yearly happening event. Had you find anything to wear yet this Halloween? had you decide which role you gona play yet? Superman? Catwoman? or Legendary Batman? Sti…

Pick n' Brew

Company is giving us the employee, as what we used to say the employee benefit. I received a voucher from my employer weeks ago and I thought it was a joke from who had nothing better to do. Somehow it turns out to be true and me and my colleague went over to chill before it moved out.

I feel so sorry for what I am gona post because I have the picture but I don't remember any single of the food. I knew I had bad memory but pictures used to speak a thousand word. The food were more to Italian or even English style of cooking.

Let's begin the journey into the food arena.

Does all of that satisfied your taste bud? I know I should have remember the name of the food so some of you might get to try it when ever you were somewhere around there. Anyway just go in and take up the menu then pick whatever you think it would be nice to you from its name. You will never get wrong form your first instinct.


I heard lots lots of people around me saying Papparich. What a funny name huh? It does sound funny but instead it was an easy remember name instead. Had an opportunity to drop by here today and thanks to sabah-ian mate. Let's stop the nonsense and let me show you some tasty food they served and might light up your taste bud. I believe most of the restaurant would have these so called calling button but somehow this is not working. Zack had been pressing it hard and times but no one come over to serve us. He had to go over to the counter and get our order done.
My drink. Taste nice of course. Barley with lime. New experienced of having it. Sour and sweet represents the journey of life. High and low would come at the same time.
Hor Fun with Foo Chuk The hor fun taste fine but some how I don't really like the sauce that goes with it. Some how for me it does not actually blend in with the hor fun. I don't really love soy sauce that taste sweet but tasty, but still it have my vot…

Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant

It's all about food again. My cousin is having her 21st birthday so we thought of brought her to this korean restaurant that we had been talking about ages ago. She had been desiring to come over for long time ago so we would have granted one of her wishes on her 21st birthday. This place had some minor changes since the last time I came. They had this some sort of pipe to suck up all the smoke that was released by the bbq or either steamboat while they were cooked.
They were 6 side dishes served when you ordered your stuff. You can eat it just like that or there is another way I am eating eat. Scroll down and you will know how am I gona eat this.

Kimchi This is one of the food that you would not have miss out when you head over to a korean restaurant.

White Carrot They sliced it really think and you can even see through it. It is nice to have sweetened and also little bit of sour taste. I bet they had used vinegar and its an origin korean one.

A shot while waiting for the food to be s…