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52 Anniversary

Malaysia is celebrating its 52 years old birthday. I am happy that we had been celebrating it 52 years of independence. It is really not easy and I do wish people would appreciate what we are having and enjoying now. DO not let history repeat. Anyway, forget about those and let me tell you what I done to respect this day. I WENT SHOPPING YESTERDAY!!
Not a celebration but to pampered myself instead. Its been quite a while since I last shop. I did not went around to shop when I started to work. Miss the fun of grabbing stuff. Before mega sales end I should spend some money. Went to Sg Wang and Times Square. The crowd is always around at that place. Digi having their roadshow and I took at picture with RM1 man....not yellow man....I think he ( which I think that Rm 1 was) was cute and pity. I did not find any hole that he can breath on. Pity him.
Alright don't bother that and I shall let you all have a peep what have I got. I got myself my very first pair skinny jeans. If you know Sg…


We knew that with the advanced technology we had now everything was really convenient with just a click. We can pay our bill in just a click. We can transfer our money in just a click or we can even buy or sell with just a click and not stepping out of your door house. That's e-shopping or e-purchasing.

I started to buy cloths and stuff online few years back. It was really very convenient when I am really lazy but of course there will be risk you need to face of. But somehow I get satisfaction every time I bought things through net. Cloths. shoes, bag and now I tried phone. I just get my phone yesterday which I had been wanted for so long and finally I got it. This is the thing I was mentioning at the previous post GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS.

I got my own very first e-shopping phone and its better than I thought. LOVE IT!


There's basically 2 good news or happy things happened today that live up my day. First of all, I got something that I had been seeking for long. Keep it mysterious at the moment. Will post it up when I got it, maybe tomorrow.

The second thing that I am happy about was that I received a brand new shoes from a brand that I had been wanted so long. ALDO! This shoes is really really expensive and Joanne had gave me as a gift for my helping hand.

I finally realized that my hard work really pays. The shoe doesn't seems to be elegant but it is very comfortable and the price of it is something that I wouldn' t bought for myself. So, I would like to thank her for that.

Here comes the bad news. Somehow I believe when you had something good there would be something bad in return to balance everything. Like what they said karma? I don't know but somehow I heard that my housemate was a confirmed H1N1. I wondered how true it is because no one from the general hospital ask us to be qua…

Break In

I was antonished by a called when I was at work. Sister ask me to buy lock. I wonder why does she need a lock since our luggage doesn't need one at all and then she told me our home lock had some problem and can't open. Then she reported to the mangement to open it.

What makes me more worried was that even condo is not secured anymore. Security is somehow mislooking some of the people that are entering the condo. Hopefully they can tighten their security to ensure our safety. I bought the new lock for RM 38.90. Not the cheapest but also not the most expenisve one. Hopefully this new one would last.


I just realised that I had not been posting mush about food this month. Not much outing for the month as all were busy with their assignments, mid term test and some more exam is around the corner. Been missing my buddies much and how coincidence that I met them yesterday after work. Jump into their car and started our journey. Went for shopping which I had been not doing for months and missing it a lot. After a round of shopping its again time for food craving. This time round we went to fireman. Why fireman? Because it is a place for steamboat. Somehow not using fire but electrical stove. Personally think it is goo for safety purpose especially when they are kids around.

This fireman restaurant is pork free so you won't find any prok in their menu. I am not sure whether they are halal or not as I did not see any malays around.
Their interior design is not bad. Love the whole environment and the black and red color of the wall paint.

We had been ordering lots lots of food. we had …

Careful on the Road....

Today was on the way home as usual, what is unusual is the traffic jammed that I never gone through before.

There were definitely more car than before and I seriously thought it was because of Ramadhan is here and my thought was wrong.

People were actually driving back home I suppose and I actually saw 4 cases of accident and that was the most accident I saw in my life.

First one was only 3 cars, second one was 12 and you read it right 12 cars. How could that happen if you are driving slow and not following too near. Second and third is both 3 cars. OMG!! Just few kilometres away so many accident had happen.

So, I would like to remind driver to drive safe instead of fast. Someone is waiting you at home. Never intend to drive fast to rush home. Life is precious!


Bird, wake up in the morning and see bright shinny day, they satisfied. Me, wake up every morning, see clear sky with blue clouds, I am satisfied.

Bird, find worms for their meal, they are satisfied. Me, find food to fill my stomach, I am satisfied.

Bird, find out their wings can still spread and fly, they are happy. Me, find out I am still alive, I am happy.

Bird, see their babies healthy, they are satisfied. Me, seeing people around me happy, I am satisfied.

There's nothing better than easily satisfaction. I live happier with this satisfaction.

I was just like the bird who just hoping something less but might be gaining big in return. I can be satisfied by just looking at the blue sky and happy whole day. SATISFACTION achieved!

MASK as controlled item

Everyone knows that due to A(H1N1) the demand for mask had actually increased. People had been buying impulsive mask for storage. Demand increase and supplies maintain therefore problems occured.

And now the seller or pharmacy trying to get this opportunity to increase the price of mask and earned more. This is really a bad habit to practice. It is like getting a chance to grab when there is fire occur ( translate over from "逞火打劫" ). That is why government had now set mask as a controlled item.

The price had been set and announced today. The price range are from RM 0.07 to RM 6.00 per piece vary from the type of mask. That is the ceiling price which means the max price of each mask. Nothing goes higher than that to protect consumer rights. We had many types of mask, 1 layer, 2 layer, 3 layer and most effective N95. This is not nokia phone but truly code for a mask.

2 Layer mask is probably the commonly used mask because it is more comfy and user friendly. This is the N95 which …


I was really busy last friday. What am I busy-ing of? There was a shoot at studio and I had to help out. It was my very first time to be in a studio except for my own potrait shooting at bridal shop years back. It was really different and so so interesting. The beast that was used for the shoot of the day. Half way through the shoot the photographer drop this babe and I was more heart broken than he does.

This is one of the model of the day. It will be review soon of her real look. It is a P & C until the day the magazine publish, so everyone please stay tuned for it.
One of the photographer of the day. I think he did a great job and I remember the day before the shoot I see him he don't looks like one because he is not arrogant at all.

I would reveal more of the pictures as soon as the magazine are out. There is more picture behind the scne to share with. STAY TUNED!!