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Everyone is taking about this sister restaurant of Citrus, silverspoon. This newly open restaurant is definitely a highlight among mirians since it's opening. Mirians were eagerly visiting this brand new comer. Neither do I will miss out this chance to fight for a seats because almost full house every night.
I simply love their decoration. Just lovely and comfortable environment. Those lantern was truly attracting people BUT might be misguiding too.
Pork Chop Rice Portion was wise with its price. It was nice but the rice is too dry for me or even a kid. Pork chop was nice but I think the sauce can have more improvement.
Pork Belly I know this might looks bad from its appearance but it taste truly much better than how it looks. So never judge from its outlook. A good food do not required to looks good to taste good. Agreed?
Fish & Chips This is nice and their fish is definitely fresh. Just a little different from normal served fish and chips because fries portion is way too small. Doe…


SOHO is giving me great impression when I first stop by there. Their environment, ambiance and food fulfill my standard. Went there once again on May. It was a total disappointment. SOHO had actually merge with BARcelona and they are using the same menu. Having high expectation proves me wrong. The food were worst than I thought.
SALAD This turkey ham salad is the most pleasant pick of all the food we had that night. Fresh vegetables and great combination of sauce.
CHICKEN CHOP This is just normal plate of chop that I can have everywhere. Even kingwood can beat their taste and price. They chicken is too hard even for a youngster like me. I don't know whether they overcooked it or the process of getting it cooked was wrongly done. Not acceptable!
SOHO CORDON BLEU Not even qualified to my taste bud. Like I said above, the chicken was hard I think they kept it frozen for quite sometime already. The cheese was not melt when I open it up. I can't even taste the cheese within and it was s…


I really dislike for being such a coward. I feel to have some courage in me to do something I wanted and have my own destiny in own hand. Somehow, things are unpredictable and uncontrollable sometimes. I am not trying to blame someone BUT I would always thinks that faith must have fool me around to like someone I shouldn't have.
I didn't mean it when I can't even control the feelings in depth of me. I didn't notice it until I was with him. I didn't even know he can be so influencing till I have him in my dream almost every single night when I go off to bed. I am really giving up.
I am not going to repeat what I have done because I did not see any future in us. I did not see any chances in us. I did not even see the possibility in us. I just wish I can step forward but there's no path for me to reach and I shall only remain where I am. I don't want history to repeat once again where I'm rejected and hurt deeply because I can't stand with rejection any…