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Alex & Mary 's Wedding

Very first time I attended a friend wedding dinner. I am kinda little nervous because I never went to a friend wedding dinner before but I know everyone had their own very first time. The wedding was great and properly manage. I should say the coiuple had done quite a good preparation.

Did not manage to get good shots on their ceremony but I did manage to take a picture with the new couple. Hope both of you get a baby soon!

What an exciting new year and great February!!!

I hadbeen MIA for quite some time because I am back to Miri for CNY. It has been a great CNY and I had lots lots of fun back here. I was packed with whole lots of activities which keep me so busy which I think it was a good thing. First of all, I had attend a friends wedding dinner for the very first time. After that, I was surprised by a reunion gathering with all the primary schoolmates which reminds me of many childhood memories. Me and bunch of friends went to sing k at Miri for the very first time which makes me really enjoyed and have fun all the way.
Meet up with my dearest buddy and know a new friend.

Celebrated Chung's birthday with lots of fun and excitement and we stay up late to watch video at Casper's house till late at night.

Spend time together chit chat and have a cup pf tea.

All these was giving me a great time and really enjoying my time with them. Hopefully we could do this again and hoping to travel with them one day as we never really travel to one place tog…

Chinese New Year 2010

Today is already the fifth day of chinese new year and so far it has been a very great one. I am enjoying my holiday and this great festive season. Having so much fun with my family members. Doing a great time with all my lovely bunch of friends which I miss a lot. It was really an enjoyable new year. Stop all the craps and look at some photos I had captured during the new year visits and hanging around. pEi & sis sis, mummy & pEi
sis & pEi
pEi & mummy
pEi & sis

Everyone is asking you and your younger sister looks alike and I told them she is my elder sister. No hard feelings about it as I am kinda used to it already. Its been years people saying that so I am not surprised at all.

shir, sze, song & pEi

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Valentine's Day

It is the first day of Chinese New Year and also Valentine's Day. This is the first time ever this 2 important date comes together.
I wish to take this opportunity to wish all chinese a very Happy Tiger New Year and for lovely couple a Happy Valentine's Day!!
I will be out to visit soon and this is always the very happy moment for me every year!!! Ang Pao Ang Pao here I come!!!!

Langsat and Duku? Difference?

I know some people might be thinking I am out of my mind but this is just what I wish to write when I wanted to make things clear. Can you differentiate between this 2 fruit that looks a like but give different satisfaction to people. How do you know which one is which one? How do you know which one is Langsat and which one is duku? This is what I find out from what I had been looking for couple of days. Personally, I think that langsat is more to round and duku is slightly sharp at the upper part. You can see the difference from the below picture.
Somehow, mummy told me that the difference between them lie within the skin. Langsat had a thinner skin and while duku had thicker one and this is true too. You can see from below picture which I had made experiment on. So far all the physical and inner statement had support what we see. But somehow there might be some other aspect to differentiate them whic I don't know.

Just a randomly post to share on how to differentiate a similar fru…

Always feel great to be home.

Love the feeling to be back ome and that moment when I walk down from the plane and step onto my lovely homeland.

This is always a lovely spur of moment and waiting for CNY to arrive.

The mood of CNY is getting great and everyone is preparing for this.

I can't wait it to arrive too because this is always the moment I am waiting for every year.

Great to be back. See ya all soon and have a great time prepare for CNY ya!!!