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Antique Window

This is where we have our dinner, Antique Window. I love how they design their restaurant. There's indoor and outdoor and we choose indoor to have some personal space.

See how relaxing we are. I can't believe all these restaurant here close at 9p.m. Meaning there's no supper for us. But we are enjoying our dinner. Fantastic view from within.

This is all asian cuisine but they serve it exactly same as western style. Appetizers, main course and desserts.

Love all their food. Taste so awesome especially the pork leg and curry. Both is my favorite of the night. I can't tell how do they cook it because this is so localize with their own spices and herbs. However, it suits my taste bud.

If you happen to drop by at Jiu Fen, try to dine in this restaurant. Who knows you will as impress as me but of course this vary for individual preferences.

Jiu Fen, Taiwan

After Sun Moon Lake, we take a direct bus down to Taipei. However, to reach Jiu Fen it is a complicated journey. We have to take 2 different bus to reach Jiu Fen. After 1 bus trip, we decided to get cab to reach our home-stay because it is raining and we have so many luggage with us. The whole journey took us about 2 hours in total.

One thing that you will see once you reach is temple. It is like everywhere. Everywhere I turn, I will see one stood still above the hill. Besides, I am wondering how could they build house up the hill. From far, the houses were like stair case.

We are really lucky. We get to pick the most beautiful home-stay with the most excellent view of all. Let me prove to you my word!!

View from our window. A painting come to life isn't it? Where could you find such fascinating scenery at Malaysia?

Once settle down, we are ready for our next adventurous journey. Light snack before we start. The "yu yuan" made of yam but come with sweet potato too. Cold and …

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Coming to Sun Moon Lake after hectic day at TaiChung. We get here by cab from TaiChung HSR station. Upon arrival, the surroundings really capture my attention. Lovely environment! See it to believe it!!

I believe a lot of effort had been put in. Japanese inspired interior design truly gave us a comfy and relaxing environment to stay in. In addition, wooden structure had emphasizes a step closer to the mother nature.

We even get to enjoy personal ride from them. Truly thoughtful of them. It is not easy to get transport around that area. They will ride us to down town and fetch us back when we are done.

Before we start our adventure, to fill up our empty stomach is the most important task to do.Been searching high and low for something nice, final decision we came into this one.

They had varieties of selection, Noodles and rice set lunch but I think they are more popular with their noodle.

"Lao Hu Mian" which is highly recommended by them and it is super spicy.

"Qing Tang Mian…