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Popular Fashion Pick CNY 2012

There's a few fashion style that was a hit this year which I observed previous weeks. I am here to share with all of you what I found out.
Hit of the year, firstly :
1. Toga Bodycon Dress
A must point of bodycon is the dress must be real fitting to your body shape to show off your figure. No matter it is long sleeves, ...short sleeves or even.... ......sleeveless...... they are all fantastic piece. Easily bring out the feminine figure of a woman. It is a total must have in a woman wardrobe this year.
2. Lace Cheongsam
This year CNY you must have at least a piece of this modern lace cheongsam. This year every piece is master mind from the fashion designers. Just like dishes, they are fusion of oriental and also western together.
Like this piece over here. A little bit of cut out of the dress, either front or....
....back like this picture over here. This had bring cheongsam to a total different level. Besides an oriental theme, it will brings out lovely, sexy and of course feminine look of a…

Welcome Seafood Restaurant

We all know what Kota Kinabalu (KK) are famous of besides the mountain and also diving part or to be short mother nature . What is more famous is their seafood. Fresh, cheap and superbly cook!!! This is what I think possibly could be the most affordable and nice place to dine in for Seafood.
See how much we had ordered for only 5 of us? The point is we finish it all because the food was awesome and you will see lots of tourist around especially HongKies.
Steamed Fish Love the fresh texture of the fish. Nicely done even though with minimal and simple ingredient. I think with fresh ingredient all food will be nicely cook.
Kam Hiong Crab I love the crab too. It's a little different from what we have here in Miri but still taste great. Maybe they did some fusion in order for foreigners to adapt with our food. (I guess)
Nothing special. Just want light vegetarian since all the pick of the night is meat. Too heavy for a start because we will be having something more heavy after that when we …