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Miri Country Music Festival 2015

You haven't know that the Miri Country Music Festival 2015 is going to hit the oil town for the second year in less than 30 days? They are returning with more howdy performers with great ole country music! It will be held on 7th February 2015 at the same cosy place I always love, none other than Parkcity Everly Hotel, Miri.

Towards their 2nd year, organiser squeezing their brain juice making this family event big and grand. They are having over 300 big bikers, travelling from Kuching, picking up the mates from Sibu and Bintulu along the way and last stop at Miri as a supporting role for MCMF 2015. When there's party, our neighbour, fellow Bruneians will never miss the fun. We are already expecting them and ready to welcome them with our usual warm hospitality. 

No further disturbance, let's move on to the line-up performers that we have for 2015 shall we? Why do I make it sounds like an Oscar Award nominees? BECAUSE they worth the grand introductory like Oscar nominees wa…

The Maker Cafe

Coffee enthusiast are all around and cafe are opening everywhere like mushroom grown after the rain, spreading every corner of the city. Starbucks is just something pretty common among the people these days. Despite the coffee bean they are famous with, branding is definitely their greatest selling point. 
This newly open cafe which I had made a few attempt to drop by but failed because it was fully occupied. Not surprised since it is newly open just for a week. Trying my luck again tonight and I got myself a table for 4. Wasn't so bad after all to be alone. But then after I was changed to a table for 2 which was totally fine for me because I was pre-informed at the cashier counter when I made my ordered.
Entering the habitat with a great coffee aroma that welcomes you, just simply amused. A cafe that makes me feel so much like home. It's packed, but do ignore the crowd. Pretend you can't hear them. Jazz into your dream world with their soothing music if you are alone. Or…