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First in East Malaysia, TGV Cinemas Grand Opening in Permaisuri Imperial City Mall (Miri)

Entertainment industry had been expanding tremendously in the seahorse city recent years. In accordance to higher demand, supply is getting competitive to fulfil the needs of its call. TGV Cinemas grabbing this golden opportunity and came into the city as a saviour just in time. Not only it gives the already well known cinematic experiences, definitely it has given the people alternate choice instead of just one company who monopolise the market. Forgive me for elaborating it, being a business student, I can hardly forget the demand and supply chart that had haunted the mind for years.
Great pleasure again and gratitude to TGV Cinemas for inviting us, the Sarawak Bloggers to be part of the media for such precious moment. It's not only their first cinema in Miri, Sarawak but also their first cinema in East Malaysia. Feeling proud that Miri was chosen to be their first and of course excited about the leisure that they bring in for the people, specially the movie lovers.

On the Grand…