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Experience in Western

I am so lucky to fly all the way to UK to pursue my studies. I am so so glad that I am able to achieve my dream. I had been going through many many things. See lots and experience lots of things. Experience different culture, experience different people and adapt to local environment and have to adapt to local weather.

From beginning till the end everyone had been so so nice to me. I considered myself really lucky to meet nice people all this while. They gave me lots lots of different memories in life. People grow from experience. I experience sadness. I experience happiness. They all were there for me when ever I need them. I am emotional girl so I used to have my emotion on my face.

3 months of study and fooling around and another month of travel really makes me feel time flies. How I wish I can stay longer. I start to love this place. Love the people. Love the culture but definitely not the food.

Flying off soon back to Malaysia. It will be a new beginning and chapter. I am hoping fo…

Miny Tiny Update

My euro trip almostcomesto an end.
There's lots ofthingshappen in between.
I love someofthe places that I hadvisited.
I hadbeenthrough lots ofhigh and lowthatmakes me hadhardtimesometimes.
I wantedto have greattimeallthetime I reachedonenew place but somehowthere'salwayssomethingthatjust stop me.
I hope I cancomethroughit as soon as possible. Anotherdaybeforethis trips end. Will have more to come at London and Prague. Can'twaittobethere and have highexpectation on Prague as everyoneispraisingthismagnificentcityofCzechRepublic. Justworry about languagebarrierwhen I amthere. Hopefullytheycanspeakenglish and everythingwillbeawesome. Thatisall for nowatthe moment. No time for furtherupdateyet. Willupload more when I ambacktoMalaysia. See u guys in anotherhalfmonthtime.

My emo feelings

I am really emo these days. I never knew my feelings could be affected so much. How I wish I never affected. How I wish I can just be myself again. How I wish I could be the happy me again. Why can't I just be myself and never knew someone that accidentally comes into my life and affect my life which I never knew. I wonder why I can't have someone that will let me just live a simple life which I won't suffer so much. I am so so tired of these kind of life. Please help me to be strong.

Euro Trip

Just a little update of my status of where am I.
I am currently at Germany, Cube Hotel which is of the best hotel so far.
Looks good but still some cons ob the other hand.
I will be at Vernice, Italy tomorrow.
Will update more if I get to online.
In Euro everything need charges.

Piece of my jigsaw puzzle

Today will be my last day at Liverpool. I still remember well the day I had to fly over from Miri to KL and from KL to DOHA and from DOHA to MANCHESTER. That was really a lifetime experience and it would be a great one for me. Indeed, flying abroad to study had been a dream for me and finally it really come true.
The best thing which is also the worst thing when I first step out to see England, is their weather. For a Malaysian, this summer is truly cold compared to what we have. The wind is blowing, the weather is cool. How can you have such summer? When I'm slowly used to it I find it great. It is just nice when it comes to between the summer. There is sunshine and some wind breeze. Just nice!~
Study is the main reason I'm here. Scheduled was really tight and we shall have great time management in order to handle everything well. Pressure is sense and it's getting stronger as day passed by. But all of that is over and had overcome.
Study is mainly why we are here but who wo…