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Miri Marriott - New Executive Sous Chef Introduces Exciting Array of Gastronomic Highlights

As a Chinese born Malaysian, I am truly grateful to be born in this multiracial country where all races came together and celebrate all festive seasons. As we bid goodbye to the year of monkey, we are definitely hoping year of rooster will bring our nation and us more luck!
Miri Marriott definitely bringing more luck to their guest as they have Chef Khoo Seng Keong who was newly joined and led their culinary team as Executive Sous Chef. We, Sarawak Bloggers would like to extend our gratitude to Miri Marriott to have given us the chance and opportunity.
Well, did I mentioned what were we invited for? My bad and truly sorry for that. I'm drooling when recalled back what we had that night during the food review and Pre-CNY dinner. A we-fie of us and of course, Ms Chu Sze Chee (in grey blouse) who had been always generous to extend the invitation to us, the Sarawak Bloggers.

To kick start, we have a detailed introductory by about Yee Sang by Chef Khoo himself.