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Best Char Siew Kolok Mee - Non-Halal

Some say they served the best char siew in town. They are serving breakfast actually, however their char siew seems to be the main thing that attracts customer to sit in. Us is one of the bunch which were leaded by our food hunter, Garry.
What is so special about their char siew? Try and have a look at pictures below......

It is all traditionally made using charcoal. Everyone knows charcoal is the door to aromatic smell and taste for food. Just like how Bejing Roasted Duck is cook. Great flame with special selected woods to create great aroma for the meat.

Does this reminds you of your grandparents during your childhood. Holding your hands and bring you to the coffee shop for breakfast and let you have a sip of a hot served kopi "O"?

We ordered 2 types of noodles, straight noodles and curl noodles. Personally I still love the curl one because the texture is more QQ. Char siew was nice but too bad they only gave a few pieces for every bowl they served. Juicy and tender and I'…


This eatery place just like it's name reflected, so much worth of sharing to all the readers. This place has not only supply much satisfaction to your tummy but also much temptation to your taste bud.
This restaurant is made out of a house so you will feel much like home when you dine in here. A great ambiance with garden, wooden chair and table and truly unique menu which makes you feel so close connected to the nature.

Be sure that you made reservation before you go to avoid disappointment because there's full of great eaters who went to such great place. As I say, Kuching had so much treasure to discover.

Mix Platter
I guess that's the name? Could not really remember the name thou but I heart the chicken. Crispy and fantastic. Meanwhile meat within is still tender and soft which is not over cook.

Garlic Bread & Mushroom Soup
Food lover must know this two is such a great combination. Just like coffee with coffee mate. I love the garlic bread, strong garlic smell and must…