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Your Breaking Norm Pizza : Anchor Food Professionals - PizzaArt Campaign @ Chillax Cafe & Bistro , Miri

Food Review


Reigning leaders in dairy food services segment, Anchor Food Professionals (AFP) has launched an exciting campaign with their partners, and this time with a creation that Malaysians can't resist - Pizza!

But wait!!! this is absolutely not the brand Anchor beer that we are talking about here, just in case your thought had been diverted. Or perhaps you are in confusion since when the Anchor you thought had been venturing into dairy products.

They are absolutely two different brand, two different segment and TOTALLY two different targeted customers.

What is PizzaArt campaign? Why is it called PizzaArt campaign?
Anchor Food Professionals (AFP) hoping to increase the enjoyment of pizza a notch up into art form. Pizza creations are not just delicious, but shall be a delicious masterpiece. In conjunction to this campaign, AFP had created 5 masterpieces which are Pizza Bomb, Muffin Pizza, Adjaruli Kachapuri, Pot Pie Pizza and Flower Pizza. However, Flow…