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4years 1month 25days

Everything had come to an end. 4years 1 month and 25days! We or to say HE had put a fullstop on our story which he say he never will. I guess its tough for him and so do I coz we really had many feelings towards each other. It is still hard for me to believe that this is the reality and what is happening on me. I duno why I still can't accept the truth and I just feel weird when I wake up this morning and realise that I am no longer who I am. I feel akward, feel pain, feel disappointed and feel so lonely.

Past few years back, I remember how we stay out and where we usually hang togther even we can't meet that often due to some family problems that I face but we had overcome it few years after that. I had try my very best to let ppl know how good he is especially to me. I had also tried to open up our relation and let others know especially my family members because he is important to me so do my family. He is not what he appears to be. But sometimes human really feel tired with…

Hearts into pieces (心碎)

In a silent night, my phone suddenly rang. Its a message but its a sign of a bad news indeed. I never thought this day would come or never expect it to be happen so fast. After reading it, tears just like rain drop down from my eyes without notice. I can't control it and I can't sleep the whole night after receive that message.

I try to keep it and try not to let others worry but I really not that kind of person that can hold my feelings. I had really tried very very hard on it. It is really torturing to hide ur feelings in front of others and have to pretend nothing happen and go on your life as usual.

I duno what should I do. This relation had been last for so many years and how can I let go in just one night? Even he din really say it clear but it had been indirectly telling me that. I still remember way back to four years ago how we know each other and get along together....and four years now we had to come to an end? Will this relation just end like that??


20 March 2008 - One Day Trip!!!

A brief introduction before I get into my topic. Haha..this gal is my colleague but she is 2 years younger than me. We had really lots to talk about since the day we know each other. Both of us can be really crazy and do silly things together. We are going mad when theres 2 of us around I guess!! Hehe...I think I should stop talking too much her pic is just below...see it yourself... Thats the pic we take in Niah Cave..we even have the same towel..c how sweet we are...

*Sylvia see how gud I am to post ur name n ur pic in my blog..and we just know each other for about a month!! OH GOSH..I can't believe we are SO CLOSE!!!

OKIE enough for the intro then I will be back to the topic....That's lame me..we are really tired after 3km of walk into the cave....thats outside the cave before we go in...

Not much to say but I think picture can show u better things than I do..picture show a thousand words isn't it??

Dun doubt on this pic..its not upside down but thats how it suppose to look…



为什么爱一个人要去计较他是否有学历,有金钱,有地位。难道爱一个人就不能只因为爱他吗? 我认为这个世界现在根本不会去计较到底配不配这样的问题,可是我却发现我这样的想法完全是错的。




P.S: if theres any wrong words please forgive me, i am still in the process of learning....let me know if i make mistake

17 MARCH 2008

One month from now I will be preparing myself to be back to KL, in short I only have 30 days left!!! How sad that I am gona leave the place I love most!! I am gona miss home AGAIN!! Miss mum's cooking, miss friends, miss Miri and places that I usually hang out and most of all miss him!!!

It is really great staying for so long this time!!! Sounds like I am no longer mirian!! Hahaha.... I get to meet most of them if not iI still have a month to go. I dun wana miss any of them out because I always treasure my friends a lot!!!

Hanging out a lot this few days. Really enjoying and happy. Thursday (13/3) went out "lim teh' with one of my buddy "lovely Michelle". She came back for short holidays thats only one week but happy that able to meet her up coz did not see her after CNY.

On Friday (14/3), our forum having small activities at Starbowl!! Its time for bowling. Did not play it for so long....din really play well but enjoy the game coz having bunch of friends around. I…

What a SAD SAD DAY!!!!

What a sad day!!!
I really dun wana face this day!!
However, reality is always cruel. I can't run away from it coz it will still be there.
I can only be brave and tough enough to face it myself.
I never thought it would be this hurt and bad.
I am really disappointed in myself. Theres no one that I can blame except myself.
How can I get such lousy result.
I will be back to KL at 17 April.
I dun wish to leave so early but theres nth much I can do!!