Thursday, 10 May 2012


Another year of mother's day again. Have you decided where to spend your money for your mum? Luxurious meal or home cook meal. I guess no matter which do you pick, your mum will love it because they are spending their quality time with their children and family. Nothing is better than this.

There's a few that I sorted out that might help you with your decision making. What I got is basically hotel offers that you had already know. Could not find local restaurant so maybe this would be for your reference purposes.

1. GRAND PALACE HOTEL (085 428 888)


3. DYNASTY HOTEL - CAFE ROSITA (085 421 111)


5. IMPERIAL PALACE HOTEL (085 437 799)

6. EASTWOOD VALLEY (085 421 010)

A little reminder for all of you, please remember to make reservation before you go over in case of disappointment. I had post up the contact number for your convenience. Finally, an advance Happy Mother's Day to all Mummy!!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


It's been ages since my last MARVEL movie. I really can't remember any of them that I had watched so far. We plan for something to celebrate on Labour Day. We went all the way up to Seria (part of Brunei) to watch this new release Avengers movie in 3D. Not expecting sushi - ing but still we manage to slot in some time for this activity.

I bet the 80's remember well of their child hood with marvel comics and also cartoon. The characters were fantastic and we like how our superhero fight their enemy to protect humanity and earth.

Now they are no longer cartoon characters, they come alive into real movie. Not only one but a few of them. Hulk , Iron Man, Captain America , Thor and a few more of them in action.

It is about war between human and also Loki who claim himself as GOD. He came from another planet and seek for war to conquer Earth. This is where all the heroes are united once again to save the world.

To be frank, I am loving the part where there's teasing among Captain America with Iron man. Hilarious enough to build up the laughter in the cinema. I am not detailed person while watching movie as long as I enjoy the whole session. I don't care of much aspect as long as the story line goes smooth and don't just out of sudden pop out irrelevant and not connected story.

I don't see any well plan story plot with high and low peak besides the war part. However, I like the whole story line. Any particular heroes that you like or more preferable?

Captain America by Chris Evans is definitely getting my like. I am so in love with him the first moment I saw him appear in the movie scene. He is so attractive with his wide muscular body. He still looks good after 70 years of sleeping even that's just a fake thing make up just for the movie. Can't resist of looking at him. He is just my man.

I would rate this movie 8/10 because it is lack of one element, that's love. There's comedy, action and also scientific element. Personally I think this movie was great, I believe you will like it if you are a big fan of MARVEL movie. Wait no more and head to your nearest cinema to watch it in 3D!!!!

(*p/s : all pictures are sources from google)