~*pEi's WarDrobE*~

Few weeks ago I had bought something to fill in my wardrobe.

Furthermore, Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

There are something that I bought that I would like to share especially my shopacholic friend.

Donna, hope you would see this. I hope you don't mind that I followed your footsteps to do this in my new blog as a start!!

Hope all of you will enjoy it!!

This is the first dress that I bought for my wardrobe. I was in love with it when I wore it. I never felt so good about it. Theredore I bought it.

This is the second cloths (Black color) that catch my attention when I was trying the dress above in the same shop. That is the shop that I go shop very often. I like it very much but it is really pricey for just that pice of cloths. But still I still bought it and it looks good with the inner shirt and suitable for any ocassion. Casual or formal. (worth buying)

This is the first skirt I bought online. Its great and nice. It can turn into kinda short skirt as inside the skirt you can tie it and become shorter. I looks lady with it instead of girlish. This skirt can be wear with lots of style depends on how u wear your upper part.

Next, this is a long pants actually. I dunno how to say it but its great coz the upper part can be taken of and become long pants very convenient indeed. That is the first pants that I bought. It can be fit with lots of style but I still look cute if i wear it with the upper part of the pants.

This is the sandals, izzit sandals or shoes. Uhhh~~never mind. I had been choosing this among 3 or 4 pairs of them. One, my leg sizes is really long and its hard to find my size!!! This is the one that I feel really comfortable with it although i like the other one more. But it really feels comfortable while wearing it!!

This is the heel that I had been choosing for long too!! Really choosy person I am, right? I had been confusing between this heel and the other one when I love it when I saw it but unfortunately it fit me and its too tight. My sister is the one who found this shoes and thinks it fot me too!! So I tried on and I had been struggling choosing between the two of them. The difference between the two of them is this heel is shorter compare to the one I love!! But somehow buying heels more important is comfortable whie wearing it and my sister told me that I shouldn't wear to high as some people will be complaining..

I think that's all for now. Hope you had enjoy this post and there will be more coming!!


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