Sheffield & Meadowhall

I am studying at Liverpool while my sister is studying at Sheffield so I decided to pay her a visit. Everyone told me Sheffield is am small city and that statement is totally true. But I do enjoy my time there because it was a nice place and had great environment and most of all I get to spend some precious time with my sister.

For the very first time, I took train on my own. Not to worry but seems boring. A 2 hour train to Sheffield with no one to talk too and gossiping around.

Sheffield is a nice place as I mentioned earlier. They had fascinating view and I love their weather. Not too cold with big wind and not too hot with not much sunshine.

I had a direct transfer to Meadowhall once I reached Sheffield because Meadowhall had more things to shop of. No second thought I bought our tickets and heading to Meadowhall directly. Did not capture much of Meadowhall because what we were busy doing is shopping and more shopping. End up my sis bought more things than I do.

Sheffield Hallam University

Me enjoying the food. Delicious famous Kebab at Sheffield. Thumbs up for it!! <3
Fascinating building and architecture at Sheffield.

Last but not list, some products that I had shop of from Meadowhall and Sheffield.


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