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Hong Kong had been well known of its fast pace, busy lifestyle. Nevertheless, their skyscrapers that were often painted on tourist pictures background. Despite just tall metals, Hong Kong has it natural side where you can stay close to mother nature with no annoying car horns, frustrated jammed and also rude impolite services. You just have to explore during your vacation that makes it all different. 

This is simply the opposite reflection of the hectic lifestyle Hong Kong. You'll feel the inner peace while sliding up through the cable car. Greenish lane replacing the road, blue sky with no metal sculpture signs and clear blue sea with no moving vehicles polluted!

Definitely you will get your inner peace upon arrival HOWEVER I shall remind you that you will feel much heat especially during summer so you may got dehydrated and emotions a little out of control. If you do not fancy sunlight, please please do not plan a trip to Hong Kong during summer. 

The view is definitely the most wonderful painting that the HE had created. It's worth all the hassle to go all the way up even we faced some technical issues with the cable car while were on the way there.

A few steps ahead from the stop, you will see the magnificent Tian Tan Buddha. Do take your time and go further ahead and you will be amazed as you go nearer to this holy Buddhism village. Climbing up the steps, satisfaction that you had upon greetings by the clear sky and greenish land will makes you stunned. 

There's more that you can do. You can even take a bus that is provided to Lantau Island where there are more to explore and buy especially dried scallop and also some dried seafood which are truly well known of. Do visit their website : Ngong Ping Village for more information that you may find useful.

Despite that, I would advise you to plan your trip there as Ngong Ping Village itself may already take up half of your day and Lantau Island another half and you will have to head back before the sun sets due to their cable car operation.

A place that turns every adult to a kid again and of course bringing more happiness and fun to the real kids. This is my second time to Disneyland and of course there's no compare to Paris. Therefore, I am urging you not to have high expectations or making any comparison. Despite, there's less crowd which makes the whole queue thing easier. 

However, I must say they have their speciality too. They make the effort to ensure everyone that enters the magical land return with a smile on their faces. You may check out more information on the provided link : Disneyland Hong Kong

The Peak Tram which had been serviced for more than a century gave you a valid reason to give it a ride up to The Peak with a fascinating view that you will indulge throughout the journey. This tram are the daily transport, not only for tourists but also residents that are staying along the uphill through the peak. It can only fit up to 120 passengers per trip and each trip only took about 5 minutes.

At The Peak, it's just not about the tram, there's Sky Terrace where you get to enjoy the fascinating skyscrapers of Hong Kong where you may not see else where.

That's not it. There's more to explore and the adventure is only about to begin. Gets close to your favourite artist, singer, sportsman or even great world politicians! They are not that abnormal after all and just  look as normal as we do. A piece of satisfaction that we might had while approaching them in a nearer distance even it is not real BUT still you will feel no regrets even just a picture with their figures. Ain't you feel like all flashes on you walking down the red carpet? 

This park famous among the locals. Before Disneyland was build this is their recreational location, where family and loves one spend their quality time. Not only they have amusement park but also oceanarium, marine mammal park and also animal theme park where kids gets to know and learn more about animals. If you wouldn't wana miss one of their dolphin show or special event or even activity that the park organise, their opening time and any other relevant info, do check it out here : Ocean Park

Avenue of Stars is basically to pay tribute to outstanding professionals of Hong Kong's film industry, to promote tourism industry and to consolidate Hong Kong's position as Asia's World City. (info from http://www.avenueofstars.com.hk/eng/home.asp)

Some people said and commented that this place is over rated. It depends on individual and YOU to rate such a place. To me, definitely I am here to see what had been so special and visited by almost every Malaysian and blog about it. I am no big fan of any particular movie. The reason I got attracted and run my life for this after our visit from Ocean Park is the magnificent light show called the Symphony of Light which will start at 8pm punctually everyday. 

There are more than 45 buildings participating for this light show and lasted about 15 minutes. You will be embrace, anyway at least I does with the amuse light and escort by the fantastic music. Just simply synchronise. I know that should be pretty much usual and normal after decades of performing but somehow for a first timer like me who watch such a show, I'm fascinated. 

A short video, to show how does it looks like that night! (*sorry for the poor quality)

A Taoist Temple that was build in 1921 and this is the most famous temple in Hong Kong and renowned temple among the Chinese around asia and maybe western. It isn't a place that everyone would like. However, to Buddhism of Hong Kong, it is an important place not only to praise their god but also to the newly couple ties their knot as this is the only temple that allow wedding ceremony.   

A simple guideline of train to get to your destination which I think it might be helpful.


This would be something you may need upon reaching Hong Kong. This is the card that connects you simply everywhere around Hong Kong and you can even purchase almost anything because most of the shops does accept Octopus card. It simply act like a debit card as long as there's money and you may reload at any local MTR station. Click the link below for more information of this.

There's more or less my point of view about Hong Kong. BUT there's more food to be shared which will be a lengthy post. Of course not with words but pictures that will surely makes you drool! Stay Tuned!!~


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