First in East Malaysia, TGV Cinemas Grand Opening in Permaisuri Imperial City Mall (Miri)

Entertainment industry had been expanding tremendously in the seahorse city recent years. In accordance to higher demand, supply is getting competitive to fulfil the needs of its call. TGV Cinemas grabbing this golden opportunity and came into the city as a saviour just in time. Not only it gives the already well known cinematic experiences, definitely it has given the people alternate choice instead of just one company who monopolise the market. Forgive me for elaborating it, being a business student, I can hardly forget the demand and supply chart that had haunted the mind for years.

Great pleasure again and gratitude to TGV Cinemas for inviting us, the Sarawak Bloggers to be part of the media for such precious moment. It's not only their first cinema in Miri, Sarawak but also their first cinema in East Malaysia. Feeling proud that Miri was chosen to be their first and of course excited about the leisure that they bring in for the people, specially the movie lovers.

On the Grand Launch, honorable to have Yang Berhormat Datuk Lee Kim Shin, Assistant Minister of Sports and Communications Sarawak, Yang Berbahagia Lawrence Lai, Mayor of Miri City Council, Mr Ling Chiong Sing, Chief Executive Director of Boulevard Group of Companies, Mr Don Yew Hoon, Chief Executive Officer of Boulevard Group of Companies and Mr Gerald V Dibbayawan, Chief Executive Officer of TGV Cinemas to officiate the ceremony.

Follow up in the programme list after the official opening is the media press conference and movie screening of Cinderella. We, the Sarawak Bloggers get our first hand experienced on the beanie seats (bean-bag). We, or its just me get extremely excited like school kids got it's lollipop. 

Before I missed out and put things behind my mind, TGV Cinemas in Permaisuri Imperial City Mall has eight (8) cinema halls with a total of 1263 seats. All halls are fitted with the state-of-the-art Dolby Digital sound system to give you the most impressive sound effect that you could ever ask for and Christie CP 2220 digital cinema projector system that generates sharper and brighter 2D and 3D images which pleases your eye. 

In technology era where every individual will carry their smart phone like a necessities, TGV Cinemas mobile application definitely comes in handy and safe the hassle queueing . Everything is right at your fingertips! If you are accessing through home and mobile data reaching it's limit, you can always purchase ticket through their website here. Everything is at ease these days.

Are you ready for that action pack movie that's going to blast your ear drum? Or scary movie that you may scream your lungs out? Even comedy act which makes you laugh all night long? You can get it all at TGV Cinemas, which will bring you a maximum pleasure of entertainment. 


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