Miri Marriott - New Executive Sous Chef Introduces Exciting Array of Gastronomic Highlights

As a Chinese born Malaysian, I am truly grateful to be born in this multiracial country where all races came together and celebrate all festive seasons. As we bid goodbye to the year of monkey, we are definitely hoping year of rooster will bring our nation and us more luck!

Miri Marriott definitely bringing more luck to their guest as they have Chef Khoo Seng Keong who was newly joined and led their culinary team as Executive Sous Chef. We, Sarawak Bloggers would like to extend our gratitude to Miri Marriott to have given us the chance and opportunity.

Well, did I mentioned what were we invited for? My bad and truly sorry for that. I'm drooling when recalled back what we had that night during the food review and Pre-CNY dinner. A we-fie of us and of course, Ms Chu Sze Chee (in grey blouse) who had been always generous to extend the invitation to us, the Sarawak Bloggers.

To kick start, we have a detailed introductory by about Yee Sang by Chef Khoo himself. 


Who's Chef Khoo??? 😶

Chef Khoo began his culinary experience more than thirty years ago in Kuala Lumpur, when he was 18 years old. A native chinese, Chef Khoo has been perfecting his skills at hotels across Asia and renowned  restaurants groups in Malaysia prior to joining the Marriott family.

...let's come back to real business. 😉

Chef, explained to us tiny bitsy about its history (did you know it's a MALAYSIAN thing!!! 😲) and how the condiment was chosen and of course all sauce are made in-house by himself. Instead of having 8 condiments (Chinese is very auspicious with numbers), Chef Khoo is having 10 condiments.

Before we dig in our chopstick and start tossing, of course General Manager of Miri Marriott, Mr Marc Cosyns delivered his speech and followed by our Assistant Minister of Sports & Communications , YB Datuk Lee Kim Shin invited VIP of the day.

A glimpse on the menu for the night. Be surprise and thrill. Certain dish doesn't look as it name given.

Prosperity Salmon Yee Sang with Condiments.

Tossing Yee Sang led by YB Datuk Lee Kim Shin
  and also Mr Marc Consyns, GM of Miri Marriott


I simply love the clear soup with a soft meat texture with bits of crunchiness of the water chestnut. Never in my life I have had such soup. Truly amazed and thrilled upon opening the lid. You may thought it is tofu or even boiled egg at times. However, when you put in your first bite, that's where the horror begin! WHY? KENAPA??? It is soft then melts in your mouth and yet crunchy.......I can't stop eating and I finish everything till the last drop. YES!!!, that's how tasty it is. 😋 You think I exaggerating it? Complicated taste? NO?!?!?!? You will know when you have a sip. Nanti, tiap-tiap hari mahu. 😄


Also a favorite dish of mine for the night. Extremely tender and great for elderly. Chef Khoo must have considered in every aspect when he brainstorm for the menu. Ginseng and herbs are both good for health and Chinese always believe herbs heal. A thumbs up for him. 🙆 


It is indeed my loss for not able to try this dish as I am allergy to prawn. However, I do believe the different taste of both combination will delighted you.


Personally, I always have a thing when comes to steam fish. Simply because steam is the most simple way to taste the freshness of seafood. I ain't a great cook neither do I a brilliant reviewer. However, I LOVE FOOD. 

I am not a person who fancy sour taste BUT for a "Teo Chew" style, this fish is lack of sour flavoring (some may differ from mine). I have seen my mum add dried sour plum when she cook this dish, probably that's why I love that sour taste in it and it doesn't over take the whole flavoring of other ingredients.


Deep fried noodles always reminds me of Cantonese style cooking. Don't ask me why because I do not have an answer for that question. Combination of color is good and it's whole plate of crunchiness vegetables. Eating it together with deep fried noodle which had been soften by gravy is simply a perfect match. It feels like you are having fried noodles cooked with assorted vegetables. If you are not a fan of noodle, simply just bite into the crunchy healthy vegetables of your choice. Two combination in one is definite killing two birds with one stone.


It wouldn't be complete if there's no rice for Chinese banquet. It is an essential in Chinese tradition. I simply love the lotus leaf aroma when the waiter serve in onto our table. It is similar to Chinese dumpling concept and therefore it would be great if they can add in salted egg. That would be yummy yum yum. Well, again, that's my own preference. 😋


Yin & Yang. Sweet & Sour. Your choice of preference how do you wish to consume this plate of dessert. You can have it individually or both together as long as it pleases your tongue. I love it with both mixture. Creamy avocado accompany by sour mango cream with pomelo enhance the texture level. Smoothies similarity but yet you still able to taste fruitiness individually. It really does astonish me. Just a perfect end to the dinner.

Miri Marriott offer this Chinese New Year eve banquet dinner at RM1188++ per table and it is already available for booking. Besides that, they also do have Prosperity & Fortune Buffet dinner on 27 & 28 January 2017, Chap Goh Mai dinner on 10 & 11 February 2017 at RM105 (adult) nett per person. Child price of 50% from adult. You make call and make your reservation at Miri Marriott hotline , 085 421 121. Do not hesitate to call them too if you have any inquiries. They are more than happy to assist you! 😄


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All the foods looks tempting. so sayang cannot go that time

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