Know Your Drink, Your Coffee - Coffee Class by KOFFEE BRICK

CafΓ© or better known as coffee house is nothing unusual and probably norm to our community ever since Starbucks landed on our city years ago. Back then, sipping a cup or glass of coffee  (not your usual kopitiam or mamak stall) in Starbucks are categorized as the "wealthy" bunch. It is an expensive drink that not much can afford. People would rather have kopi C , or kopi O "kao"  - chap ah moi which are much cheaper and greater aroma and may comfortably speak loud with their companion without any restriction. That's what our community mindset is at the early stage (at least to me)
Today, as the millennial are having better spending power. Working adults are willing to pay extra for a cup of coffee that comes in a package - with the cosy ambiance that a coffee house provide, bonding session out of the house, it is made possible to have more supply from the market to support such demand. 
Coffee seems to be a daily booze for many in their daily routine which they can't miss. However, how many out there really know about coffee? πŸ˜•Do you know coffee you order have more milk or less coffee?  Or maybe barista may have ask you whether you would like single or double shot espresso in your brew? 

Before this day, I have no freaking idea (maybe just cukup makan lah). Coffee is just a cup of coffee lah. As long as it suits my taste bud, there's nice latte art (even better 3D), I'm good. 😁

Koffee Brick, located at Marina Park Phase 2, which is only 9 months old, their manager , Jion Kiu, is thoughtful enough to conduct coffee class for public (with charges of course) to share their knowledge with the community what's coffee about.  They are so kind to extend the invitation to us on their first coffee class 101 (actually to Alyssa and extended to us). Credit shall be given to The Jaren Wanders who wrote about "RISE OF THE HIPSTER CAFE IN MIRI" (do click in to read). That's how we got our chance to be here for such informative class.
There's 2 types of coffee class currently available upon request with a minimum of 5 participants. There's theory and also practical class (definitely the main attraction), which are charge separately. Theory is RM10 and practical class at RM50 which is reasonable as training materials (inclusive beans) are all provided. Duration of each classes shall last roughly one and a half to two hours, depending on student interaction.

From knowing your beans, to roasting them and then grinding your beans, every single step is crucial to produce good beans that serve into your cup. Brewing is the final stage before it reaches your mouth. 😜

Nitrogen coffee is a new way of drinking coffee (new era - I called it). I have tried it when I was at Korea and it stunned me! 

We are paying extra attention during practical class.

When brewing coffee, extra attention is needed. Of course you will need to brew your coffee with tender, loving πŸ’—and extra care too in order to produce better cup. (my saying 😝)

Alyssa getting her hands on vacuum siphon brewing. She's so focused and cautious when pouring hot water into the flask, hence the pointed finger. πŸ™‹

...and, and, and their own house brand coffee ice-cream is heaven (personal opinion)!! I'm on cloud nine when I tried the first scoop. Slight coffee taste with great aroma and super smooth texture with milky taste is just superb.

I had so much fun during the class. I am a slow learner, therefore, I need little time to digest everything but the important aspect is I learn something new. 

photo credit to Ladybird Eileen

If you are interested to also attend their class. Please feel free to contact them here.

Thank you for dropping by and enjoy your read! 😘


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