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Reigning leaders in dairy food services segment, Anchor Food Professionals (AFP) has launched an exciting campaign with their partners, and this time with a creation that Malaysians can't resist - Pizza!

But wait!!! this is absolutely not the brand Anchor beer that we are talking about here, just in case your thought had been diverted. Or perhaps you are in confusion since when the Anchor you thought had been venturing into dairy products.

They are absolutely two different brand, two different segment and TOTALLY two different targeted customers.

Ms Ju Yi - Senior PR Executive giving her brief introductory

Mr Teo Eng Lai - Business Development Executive, Fonterra Brands Malaysia giving his welcome speech


What is PizzaArt campaign? Why is it called PizzaArt campaign?

Anchor Food Professionals (AFP) hoping to increase the enjoyment of pizza a notch up into art form. Pizza creations are not just delicious, but shall be a delicious masterpiece. In conjunction to this campaign, AFP had created 5 masterpieces which are Pizza Bomb, Muffin Pizza, Adjaruli Kachapuri, Pot Pie Pizza and Flower Pizza. However, Flower Pizza are not made available as of yet but partners may choose to introduce it a little later after this campaign. 

A competitive business environment these days, not only does the increasing price affected the their partner, so does them. Therefore, in order to create better business development and having win-win situation for both parties, this campaign had been created and then extended out to their partners. Selected customers are invited to send over their crew with outstanding culinary skills to be trained for making such extraordinary Pizza.


Pizza and cheese can never be parted. If you found Pizza without cheese you are definitely ain't eating a PIZZA. What is more interesting in the PizzaArt pizza?? they have something more than just cheese. Butter, Cream and Cream Cheese had been also added as part of the ingredients. It reminds me of baking a cake but it ain't the case. This is solely for PIZZA!!

When this campaign launch by AFP, they are definitely trying to think out of the box and creating an usual pizza beyond the norm. Out of 5 types, there's 3 different pizza that Chillax Cafe & Bistro, Miri had decided to launch.

Every each of it has it's own speciality depending on your own preferences. Let me introduce you to the exciting menu that may get you drooling just by reading this..... 😏

1. Muffin Pizza - Lil Quacks

The name described it's character right on spot, Muffin Pizza. Breaking the norm, you are having pizza in a muffin. Handful size which is just great and nice for a quick bite while you are on the go. Selection of duck meat as ingredient and topping covered with gold melted cheese makes it really tempting.

Upon cutting it, you will have gravy flowing out which is exceptional surprising. You will never get such surprise from your ordinary round flat pizza. If you have worries that one is insufficient, fret not. Chillax is serving it with vegetables and french fries as sides, which will get you into better indulgence.

2. Pot Pie Pizza

Believe me, it ain't your ordinary pizza. This will never be your norm and you can't unseen once you scroll your mouse down. You may not have tasted and captured anything like this before within the terms of pizza. Or probably not me till I attended this event. 

Normal flat crust had turn into pot that filled with none other than rich flavours and cheesiness of pizza steaming inside. 

This is my personal preference. Rich savoury minced beef meat that are well prepared by chef blends well with the pie crust. A simple yet aromatic meal. It will be a MUST try if you are a true beef enthusiast.   

3. Adjaruli Kachapuri

A traditional Georgian dish which the dough is formed into an open boat and the hot pie is topped with a raw egg and a pat of butter cube. Simply also known as dish of cheese-filled bread.

This will be a definite choice for cheese lovers out there. Creamy & cheesy is the most appropriate words that I can thought of to describe. Never wait because it is great to eat it sizzling hot. Errrrr...maybe not sizzling but when it's served hot upon you. 

Your social media shall not be given way for this as the leisure cravings to this is while when it's hot. Enjoying the whole pond (because it looks so much like it) of cheese gets you much satisfaction and it would be great as your main course if cheese is your kind of food. 



1. Chillax Cafe & Bistro Miri is the ONLY, I repeat, THE ONLY cafe in town that are serving this menu at this present moment. There's no where else you will be able to get a taste of it except Chillax.


2. It probably served for a LIMITED time ONLY depending on the crowd response.

3. You will be able to collect their limited edition fridge magnet as your collection when ordering this menu. It will be an additional piece of art on your fridge too. 😊

What are you waiting for? Head over to Chillax Cafe & Bistro, Miri now to try them out! 😉


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