Saturday, 27 May 2017

Extravagant Iftar Feast @ Miri Marriott Resort & Spa

It all started with the most beautiful sunset from their very own beach @ Miri Marriott Resort & Spa.

Last night, Miri Marriott Resort & Spa hosted a pre-Ramadhan dinner for orphans and Muslim clients from various corporate and government bodies at the resort, as part of its effort to give back to the community.

A total of 80 orphans from Rumah Kebajikan Anak-Anak Yatim Hamidah Yakup along with their carers, corporate clients join the pre-Ramadhan dinner cum food review at Zest Restaurant. They were treated to an array of scrumptious delights which you will be scrolling down shortly and makes you DROOL!!!!

Miri Marriott Resort & Spa offers guests an extravagant iftar feast to share the bliss of the holy month.

A scrumptious spread of Ramadhan delights (specially their cakes, yummy nyum nyum 😋) , is served at Zest Restaurant throughout the month of Ramadhan from 6.30pm to 10.30pm with a 6-day menu rotation, each offering something a little different. However, some of the top hit Ramadhan menu items will be retained on daily basis such as Sharwarma, meat-fish from the grill station and definitely rendang.

Zest restaurant offers guests an abundant spread of sumptuous traditional local and international specialties in the bazaar Ramadhan buffet dinner, with chefs demonstrating their expertise at the live cooking stations.

Desserts is always Miri Marriott Resort & Spa expertise. They never failed me and I'm always amazed with what they have to offer.

Ladybird in action. Bloggers at work is always serious.


For the first week of Ramadhan, Zest Restaurant offers a special promotion, every 20 paying diners, 5 diners for free ; for the following weeks, every 12 paying diners, 2 diners for free.

This Ramadhan buffet dinner is priced at RM88 nett for adult and half price for children aged 6-11 years. For more information or to make reservation, please contact Zest Restaurant at +60 85 421 121 or email Do visit their FB page here too.

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Pullman Miri Waterfront - Bazaar Ramadhan Buffet Dinner

Just before I start, I would like to wish all muslims, "Selamat Berpuasa"and may this month of Ramadhan, you and your family go through this fasting smoothly and grace with much peace and warmth.

This is Pullman Miri Waterfront first ever pre- Ramadhan celebration after it's opening April last year. It is part of their CSR commitment in giving back and reaching out as much as possible to our surrounding community. Their VIPs, The Mayor of Miri City Council, Mr Adam Yii & wife, Mr Albert Hu, Group Executive Director of Interhill Group, a total of 90 children and caretakers from Kompleks Kebajikan Hamidah Yakup, 250 guests from various agencies and business partners and members of the local press (which including us, Sarawak Bloggers which I feel proud of 😁)

Short speech by Pullman Miri Waterfront Hotel Manager, Mr Jayson Chong. 

Ever ready to deliver their best, the brigade of chefs at Pullman Kitchen had prepared mouthwatering favourites such as shawarma, cucur udang, whole roast lamb stuffed with oozi rice, bubur pedas, lemang and local-themed desserts. *drooling* 😱

The Ramadhan buffet spread consists of 98 different food items which will feature 3 menu rotations on nightly basis until the end of Ramadhan. 😋


For guests staying at the hotel over Ramadhan, their chefs have also prepared hearty sahur menus to prepare their guests for the start of fasting day.


I bet my words were not attractive enough, perhaps the video below would help in elaborating.


The Mayor of Miri City Council, Mr Adam Yii & local press, Ms Cecelia.

For every child, the main highlight of the event was the green packet giveaway. Chong together with Interhill Group's Group Executive Director, Mr Albert Hu, had the honour to present the green packets to the excited young guests of honour.

In lieu of the Gawai celebration which falls between Ramadhan month, fret not, there will 2-day Gawai Festive Buffet at Pullman Kitchen on 1st & 2nd of June. 

Have I mentioned their price? With such variety of selections, Pullman Miri Waterfront is offering this Bazaar at RM98 nett. Children age from 6-12 years old half price and below 6 years old eat for FREE!! *yeay* ( I am 6 years old too!!) 😄

Advisable to make your reservations to avoid disappointment. You can always call their general number  +60 (85) 323 888 or their FB page here for more details and information.

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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Master Class with Chef Desmond Chia , Pullman Kitchen @ Pullman Miri Waterfront

Readers (I hope I still have), I'm back!!! 
Back with more food, adventure and surely excitement.
This time around, we are pleasure to be invited by Pullman Miri Waterfront to attend their Master Class for Chinese Cuisine with Chef Desmond Chia. 

Food maniac like me have bad score in cooking. Proud to name a few. Steamed fish in Szechuan style, Curry Chicken and even Yong Tau Foo. NO? Not qualified? Apuuu susah to be a housewife these days. If above mentioned does not qualified, not to mention complicated, skillful art piece which dim sum required. 
Let me walk you through what had happened during our masterclass last Thursday. We had so much fun. Space filled with laughter and faces painted with natural "make up", flour!! 😆

Upon arrival, we were given media kit, as well provided an apron and chef hat. Personal hygiene is always main priority when comes to food handling. 

A brief introductory by Chef Gabriel before we start. Chef Desmond is in excitement and can't wait to show off his skill. He's already starting with our first lesson, "xiao loong bao" without his student. Passionate chef he is.


Dough and dumpling filling are pre-make. The ONLY three (3) steps you need to know : roll the dough into round shape, squeeze your filling then fold it up!
Sounds easy peasy isn't it ???? but NO!! NO NO NO and N O !!!!! 😱

Piece of cake isn't it? Not till you have your hands on and start doing it yourself. 😓😭

Thanks to Elena, my partner in crime who have the candid moment captured while we keep our hands busy, mouth laughing and eyes watching. 😎

After more than an hour battling, we manage to ONLY finished our first lesson. More interesting lesson still awaited us after "makan"session of our "product".

Minute of Zen Moment 😌
Tea & Dim Sum, perfect match. 

Student, posing with his flying colours result. 

Another? Indulgence 😏

Second Chapter is mission impossible (to me). Look easy but way too complicated. Translated, we called it hand pulled noodles in English. In proper chinese, it's 拉面 (la mian). No matter how many times I tried, "la mian" turn into broken noodles.  

First, roll cut dough into round long shape. Then, put the first end in between ring and middle finger. Then another end between middle and index finger.

Make a 'U' shape in front of you and put your index finger in the center and pulled the dough. That's when you will see noodle string created. Repeat this steps several times to create tiny noddle string.

Don't understand a single word? I believe this will come in handy.


A bowl of handmade "la mian" noodle is ready!! Nom nom time is happy time.

At the end of the day, you will receive a certificate as a token of your hard work. I received my very first cooking class certificate. 😭

Are you interested to be one of us after reading this? Always wish to make your own favourite dumpling and "la mian"and have no idea where to go?

Fret not. Pullman Miri Waterfront is now offering Master Class to public at RM 88 per class to public. Better grab your chances now then regret later!! Please feel free to call them for more information. Chef Desmond will be in Pullman Miri Waterfront for a month and class is open upon bookings and request. We had started the first at the below stated date, help yourself with the second! 😉