29 FEBRUARY 2008

29 Feb is a very special day indeed. It is never easy to wait for these days coz its once a four years. Those who are born on this date is really special, I guess. i have a friend who is celebrating her birthday today too!! First of all of course wish you Happy Birthday my dear Vivian.

She is the one with black dress and metalic line. Lovely isn't she....OKie okie should be back to my topic...

Nothing much that I am doing today. Same as usual, work then back home but will have small forum gathering tonight at Pong's cafe. I am really not in a mood today. Maybe last night I had been really over reacting. I wish everything will turn out right today as I dun wana spoil this kind of special day that come once every four years.

So, do enjoy urself out there my dear buddy, dude, and gangs.....Happy 29 Feb!!!

As promise, I will post some pic that had been taken during CNY with all of you.


joyce said…
finally, can comment liao^^
-pEi- said…
haha..i thought u wana say bout the pic..
haha..thanks for leaving comment
Donna Bong said…
awesomeeeee :) i like i like~
-pEi- said…
i am waiting for u to come back and have awesome pic with u too!! =P

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