Random Outings

March is an empty week but luckily there is surprise for me. A kl friend suddenly came over and really gave me a shocked. A friend came back from kch for holiday and really feel happy that she did come back. At least she can kill my boredom at home and spend some time with me.

Been hanging around but not much places. Cinema and some TT session. But it was indeed a great moment to share together.

pEi & vIa
pEi, vIa & dEpi
pEi & dEpi
She is a very awesome person. Great to chat with and pretty hilarious. It's hard for u to guess what she would do next but she will shocked you with her hilarious action.
vIa & dEpi
vIa in wonderland

Chow from KL. Bring him and his mates around Miri. Beach is one of Miri must go place!!!


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