Hazy Miri

Woke up this morning find that the air that I breathe was so smelly. I went out of my house and found out that it was really hazy. It last for quite long and I guess this situation gona happen continuously for around 3 more days. Qing ming is around the corner, it is hard to have better air.

People, take care of your health drink more water. If you had hard breathing because of haze you might as well wear a mask to prevent it.


songsong said…
miri still havin haze?
Anonymous said…
hey..i saw ur concern in miri community? u are looking for skin specialist? im looking for one too in sarawak..u mind share with me? i have prob of uneven skin tone
-pEi- said…
much better nowadays

previously I went to Dr Wong but a friend of mine suggest me chinese medical treatment which works for me.
Mine is actually itchy and seriously allergy
"sui yuan" is the name of that clinic and it is next to yu ha hai

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