I depart of to Manchester at local time 2035 on 29th May 2010. I never ever really travel out of the country by plane except for Brunei. And that was like an hour journey from Miri. This time round is totally different and who knows the travel period was a total disaster and nightmare.

Since I have to transit, upon check in I will get to tickets. Which is KL to Doha and then DOHA to MANCHESTER.

Been so tired after about 12 hours. Include before departure from Miri. SO, in total I had been waiting for 12 hours before I flew off to Manchester.

To take International flight, you will need to take this train in order to arrive international terminal. It was some sort like LRT or even monorail.

I was little impress when I entered the plane. The monitor in front of me did makes me a little happy because I never had flights that able me to enjoy during the whole flying session BUT it is a beginning of nightmare.

The flight was quite shaky that night. Little scared at first but quite used to it after that. Luckily, the movie keeps me entertain and let me forget what is happening out there. Around 6 hours plus of flight, finally reached DOHA. Doha airport was extremely big, they had a shuttle once you walked the the stairs from the plane. If not mistaken it takes around 20 minutes to reach the terminal.

And that is not the end of it. Waiting for transit takes about 2 hours. The plane to Manchester is almost the same but this is also where real nightmares begins. This flight took about 8 hours. Not a problem since I had travel so long. The problem is I could not sleep well. When to plane almost reach destination and get down, my head starts to feel the pain. Great pain. I feel like it wana explode. My eyes feel the pain and tears starts to drop and uncontrollable. Ear getting the pain too. It seems like someone is drilling in. The total pain were unexplainable. I feel like I am almost pain to death. Luckily, it don't take too long for them to land. So, did you count how long had I traveled? In total, I had traveled for about 30 hours.

Out from the plane, started to see the terminal makes me feel more relief. The scene and environment looks great but whether some of is least expected than what a "summer" idea I had. Cooler than I thought.

BUT sunshine was great. Makes me feel little happy and better when it comes to great weather
. Journey from Manchester airport to Liverpool takes about 45 minutes. Along the way everything looks awesome. I can't wait no more to explore this wonderful land. I get my room keys and start to unpacked. Plan to just bath and just bang on my ready bed. But how can I just leave it without putting the comforter and bed sheet on so it looks prettier and clean. Still can't get lazy when comes to sleep.

The study table which is quite spacious for me. Not much thing thou.

The bathroom was a littleeeeeeee small but enough for one.

This is the kitchen plus living room. A good combination for me. Can cook, eat and watch tv at the same time.

That's all for now. After about an hour plus of sleep, feeling much better but still tired.


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