Did you remember what happen on IP MAN 1? Remember how yip man beat the Japs and actually win but shoot by them at the end of the movie? When everyone think he is dead but somehow he survive from it.

He is a tough man and I just love the story in IP MAN 2! This time round he is facing the British. Life is hard and he can hardly get any earnings. Everyone is doing their part to survive and so do every character in this movie.

Hung Kim Po is acting too this time round. I love his action and kung fu. He is brave and a proud man. Even he tend to be really annoying but in depth he is a nice man who help people and respect chinese kung fu.

Do watch and I mean do watch. It is a great movie of the month. Even Iron Man 2 have better reaction and some similarity, I still love this movie!!!


lasapka said…
coolman still da best ever!

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