Miny Tiny Update

My euro trip almost comes to an end.
There's lots of things happen in between.
I love some of the places that I had visited.
I had been through lots of high and low that makes me had hard time sometimes.
I wanted to have great time all the time I reached one new place but somehow there's always something that just stop me.
I hope I can come through it as soon as possible.
Another day before this trips end. Will have more to come at London and Prague.
Can't wait to be there and have high expectation on Prague as everyone is praising this magnificent city of Czech Republic.
Just worry about language barrier when I am there.
Hopefully they can speak english and everything will be awesome.
That is all for now at the moment. No time for further update yet.
Will upload more when I am back to Malaysia.
See u guys in another half month time.


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