Piece of my jigsaw puzzle

Today will be my last day at Liverpool. I still remember well the day I had to fly over from Miri to KL and from KL to DOHA and from DOHA to MANCHESTER. That was really a lifetime experience and it would be a great one for me. Indeed, flying abroad to study had been a dream for me and finally it really come true.

The best thing which is also the worst thing when I first step out to see England, is their weather. For a Malaysian, this summer is truly cold compared to what we have. The wind is blowing, the weather is cool. How can you have such summer? When I'm slowly used to it I find it great. It is just nice when it comes to between the summer. There is sunshine and some wind breeze. Just nice!~

Study is the main reason I'm here. Scheduled was really tight and we shall have great time management in order to handle everything well. Pressure is sense and it's getting stronger as day passed by. But all of that is over and had overcome.

Study is mainly why we are here but who would not grab this gold opportunity to look at what the other side of England looks like. Visiting or travelling around is a MUST DO when you are here. NO ONE and I really mean NO ONE will stay back home on the weekends to just watch english movie or SKY SPORTS! This is a waste of time when you do that over here on your weekend but exceptional for exam period of course.

Another thing which is truly memorable is photograph. You will never see us without camera. Every single minutes or seconds when we see something that catches our eye we will just grab and shot. No matter good or bad, this is part of their memory that they gonna remember for life. Same applies to me.

3 months is rather fast when I knew I almost comes to the end of the course. There are too much feeling in me to describe what I am feeling now. Excited for my euro trip, sad for leaving Liverpool and soon leaving friends which had stayed together 3 months, happy that home is just another month to go for me to reach and always enjoy the shopping spree here.

It is truly a memorable experience over here. But everything have to come to an end whenever there is a start. However, I will never forget the time I had here. It will be part of my memory. A piece of jigsaw puzzle which would makes my beautiful mind puzzle complete and rather more awesome!


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