September 10th , 2013

It was the most wonderful celebration I ever had so far. Fly to KL the night before my birthday. Pass midnight at the airport while waiting for the gang to arrive from Despensar, Bali and they are the same bunch who fly me across the South China Sea with the intention not to let me get along loneliness on my birthday.

Greetings and surprised started ever since we check in to the hotel at 0200 hour. Surprises me with a cake which I don't know when they bought it and no sign of the box in the car for an hour journey. Thanks for the first time.

They are just awesome bunch of mates I can't refused to hang out with. See how lovely they are. More surprises way to go, through out the day. I think I am really a lucky girl to have this bunch of bff and buddy. =3

We have less then 12 hours around KL. We spend every seconds wisely, Time is Gold kan?

We had our first round of meal at Papparich. Everyone goes for something light before shopping spree started. It makes me feel like we are on a mission to complete =).

3 hours of shopping, tummy starting to protest for food input. Get back to the hotel then check out and head to Tony Roma's which we had initially plan before hand. At the same time, there's another customer celebrating birthday at Tony Roma's.  My bunch told the staff that it was my birthday too. =.= ....and they put this on for me.

Another surprises strikes when we called for bill. They gave me this brownies with ice-cream as a simple birthday cake with candle on. Oh my, immahappy girl weih. The brownies was awesome and we shared among us of course. Sharing is caring bah since they are my bunch of lovely mates. Happier when you shared your happiness ain't it?

Thanks for the surprise song and staff of Tony Roma's. Every each of them surrounded me and sang out the birthday song aloud. Feel so shy....*blushing* ! Second thank you of the day.

Happy time just flies don't they? While waiting for our cab to arrive, the ladies gave me another surprised. Oh my, my day were full of surprises. Third thank you of the day.

I really had a great time. Especially all the surprises. Fly for 4 hours back and forth for a day trip. Spending almost 16 hours celebrating, it will truly be a memory for life. Once again, I would like to thank all the bunch who gave me all these sweet memories. Love ya' all !!


songsong said…
We love you too, Pei! This is your awesome 26th with tonnes of surprises!muacks

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