Oktoberfest 2013

Alcoholics? Whoopsss...shall be beer addictions? beer freak or maniac? or even beer lovers to be more appropriate? The once a year biggest alcohol event is once again back!! Knowing what the clubs, bars or even our most popular alcohol provider gona offer us, the beer freaks?

Check out what imma about to post. Just a summary what I have got from their mails and facebook page of course. Just an easy view to alcohol lovers like me. None the less, collection of Oktoberfest mug which is a total must during this popular event to those who have been making it a collectibles. Yay?

They are offering Kilkenny an Irish beer together with Guinness Stout which are from the same makers itself. Offering 3 pint at the price of RM60 nett and what makes it more interesting of all? Miss JD's 2013/2014 will be around for this event on the selected dates at selected branch. If you are a big fan of either of these beers, drop by at JD's Fine Foods with your bunch of mates for their promotion.


One of the most popular chilling cafe in town which offer you a wide range of alcohols. Well known Calsberg, Heineken and Tiger, they do offer Asahi the Japan's No. 1 and also my No.1 top list must drink shots, Jaggerbomb or aka Jagertrain.

This is definitely a place for gathering and you will never get fed up with the musics and songs that they've got to offer. 




A place where you get to look the other side of Miri City. They are offering this German brewery, established in 1634 in Munich, a place to call a beer heaven.

They have got to offer 2 half pints Paulaner with 2 sausages and sauerkraut and also Pretzel at the price of RM42++ !!! Best offered of all for Paulaner lovers. 


Remember to ask for more information on how you can redeem your Oktoberfest 2013 mug upon purchasing you beer. It is valid during this whole October, while stocks last of course. So be an early bird, grab yours tomorrow which is an official launching on 1st October 2013. Enjoy your pint of beer. Happy Oktoberfest, beer lovers!!!~

*pictures sources credited to facebook and sources from google and wikipedia


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