Macau - Guide to "Must Go, Must Do & Must See"

It's summer and I bet airlines having their big birdie full most of the time continuing till September. This is the best time to travel because you are having plenty of sunlight whether in minimal or more than you can ask for. We, the kopitiamers gang had our summer vacay off to Macau & Hong Kong! Upon our arrival, the warmest greetings are the Macau heaty sunlight. To me, that's the "warmest" greetings ever!!

Whether you had or had not been to Macau, I bet you had already know that Macau had been famous for its gambling city just like Las Vegas. The only difference between them are Asian & European way. You can see casinos everywhere, closely described with the proverb "mushroom grows after the rain". Free shuttle bus provided from one casino to another for the sake of their gamblers to switch as they intended! What a great thought from them. Every casino were build like a Palace for its King. Grand and enormously HUGE!! Allow me to use that for the highly rated building which I am greatly impressed.

This is right inside Venetian Casino. I am impressed! The skies especially. No difference to Venice sky that I had been to years back. Recalled much memory when I am riding the gondola around Venice, the water city. Magnificent creation.

You may think casino is the only entertainment in Macau, you're definitely wrong! There's more shopping. Yay that's already a fact. Besides shopping and gambling there's still other entertainment for non-gamblers. Do head over to City of Dreams, another casino in town who attracted tonnes of people for its performance named, The House of Dancing Water! You can always get a free shutter bus from any casino around or if not just get the local bus. When decided to take local bus, please DO DO DO ASK because you may get confused of the route and also charges.

They only had two shows everyday and you need to make an early booking to confirm your seats. Pre-book it through their website here

It was a fantabulous show!! You will never regret every single penny you paid for it. The effort, the stage & the performance were just WONDERFUL!!

Heading back to city center with much satisfaction and do walk around the Senado Square for their magnificent night view. Standing still, the Portugal ancient building alongside with the light pole, it makes up a great combination for photography. Too bad we were way too late when we arrived, most of the shops and eatery cafe had closed. Can't get to start our spree. 

This is how the city looks like when the awesome sunshine lighting up the globe. A small yet compact city where you will see skyscrapers conquering every inch of land available.

Every city has its own iconic landmark when you are going for a tour. Paris have Eiffel Tower, Kuala Lumpur have their Petronas Twin Tower and Macau is represents by Ruins of St Paul's which was church that had been partially damaged but had been preserved by the government. They say you can never considered stepping your foot to Macau if you had never been here. 


In Kuala Lumpur we have KL Tower, in Macau we have Macau Tower lah!~ Are you adventurous? A challenger? A risk taker? If you have it all of what I said, this is definitely the place for you. Bungee Jump, Sky Walking and Tower Climbing are the activities that are made available here for risk taker and challenger like you to challenge beyond your limit. 

Of course there's just something more then just being challenging. It is definitely a great place just to leisurely sit back relax, enjoying this fascinating city with an aromatic cup of Cappuccino, you will be delighted with the absolutely breath taking view. I am sure you can't take your eyes of them. 

This is one bakery shop that you will see everywhere and anywhere. This the oldest bakery shop ever existed in Macau and I personally thinks that they are still the best after trying out some other stalls and bakery shop. Peanut cookies is like a favourite to Macau citizens. There are stalls who are just mainly selling this cookies. The one I went is just right  is the first outlet and they have hundreds of them located around Macau and few in Hong Kong.

My advise is to buy your preference one from Macau because it is way much cheaper than Hong Kong. It is about 30% mark up by just an ocean apart which I think is truly ridiculous. 

If you are planning your trip beyond Macau and over to Hong Kong, you may take the ferry by their harbour to the opposite city. It is definitely convenient enough as it was just about an hour ride. 

There's some personal tips for travellers or bag packers out there. Do scroll down for more.
There will be more on suggested eatery place for both Macau & Hong Kong. Stay Tuned!!

Personal Tips :
If you are going on hot summer with lots of sunshine, do have the below :
1. Sunscreen with the maximum SPF you could get OR
2. AstaZan which protects you from sun protection
3. A comfortable shoes as you will be expecting lots lots and I mean really miles of walking
4. A good & light luggage - you may not be carrying around however if you are staying in budget hotel, expecting no lifts and you will be training up your arm muscles
5. Medicine and some first aid kit in case of light injuries or sea motion travelling in the boat
6. Water is very expensive in Macau, what we do is taking it from the casino. It is free so why not? It cost about HKD 7-10 for a 500ml bottle. 
7. Do not take your leisure time while ordering because cafe or so called kopitiam which they named it "cha chaan teng" waiter had a very short tempered. Basically, fast-quick-on the spot. 
8. You can be picky with your food for example lice lemon tea with less sugar and lots of lemon. They are able to tolerate with that but I am not sure whether it applies to all.
9. Citizen are not really communicating at a very friendly way, so do not feel offended. I guess may be their culture. 

(*above are all personal experiences, may vary for yours)


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