An-nyeong~ πŸ‘‹

Korea had been voted one of the top 10 country that everyone had in their bucket list. I am glad I manage to leave my footprint on such gorgeous land. Got back from Korea for more than a month now but I am still missing everything about Korea. It's been an awesome trip and a wonderful one. It will be a LONG post of a first timer sharing. πŸ˜†


It is just a rough estimation of budget and definitely there will be variance due to floating of currency exchange. All calculation below are for 2 pax. Therefore, there's a calculation for a pax at the bottom. I did ponder πŸ˜•whether to share my personal expenses, as it may be too detail to share as many may not share the same buying pattern. Therefore, I am just stating out a rough estimation of total spending. In total, inclusive of flight, accommodation, daily food and transportation and also normal purchasing, rough estimation spending is RM6,500.

I guess it wasn't too expensive for 10 days trip. Daily expenses there ain't cheap. 😰A meal can easily cost you 10,000 won (that equals to RM 40 , as conversion is 0.004). That's only when you get cold food from 7-Eleven and heat it at home. A normal restaurant would easily hike to probably 20,000 won per person. If food ain't your main thing when travelling, you may spend less than I do. 

Itinerary is plan according to preference. There's changes of plan when we arrived, outdoor activities were cancelled as weather does not permit. Not really a big deal as it's basically real free & easy trip. 


It is indeed hectic upon arrival at Korea. Early morning flight and spending half day in flight is just stressful. Thou tiredness hits, still, never forget #peifashion pose. It's basically a MUST for every vacay. DO, please bear with me if it does not please your eyes.

Collection of pocket wifi before heading to Busan. This will be my medium that connects to outside world during stay at Korea. It really do come in handy. Who needs a telco service provider abroad when a chat apps can do it all?

Saw this fascinating roof when looking for counter to redeem our KTX train ticket. Incheon Airport is huge!!! 😱but FRET NOT, just follow their signage and you shall find your way. Basically running all over the place like headless chicken to get everything needed to be sorted in the airport.

We bought our KORAIL pass from KKday which offer varieties of promotion voucher from a number of countries. It really does come in handy and slightly cheaper than purchase over the counter. The lady at the counter informed us that we should have collected before hand in order to get seats. Too bad, we will have to go for standing area the whole 3 hours journey. Bless us!!

We are half dead upon arriving at Busan. Luckily, accommodation that we booked aren't far away. 



Instead of following by itinerary, I will be introducing these attractions and probably recommended food according to their Subway Line, which I think shall be much easier and will come in handy (personal thought). 

click picture for a larger view


      Gamcheon Cultural Village
  • Exit 6, face intersection , turn right after crossing, walk straight till you see Cancer Centre Hospital and bus stop is just a few meters away on the same row
  • Take bus no 2 or no 2-2 which will bring you direct to Gamcheon Village bus stop
  • Operation hours : 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
  • Do not go during holiday, you will be park like can of sardine!!!
  • Cross the opposite side to return to your origin place 
  • Website : http://www.gamcheon.or.kr/


     Jagalchi Market
  • Exit 10, turn right into Jagalchi Sam(3)-Gil Street , walk 5 minutes then turn left
  • Operation hours : 5.00 am to 9.00 pm
  • Fresh seafood and normally served in sashimi


      BIFF Square
  • Exit 3 and make a turn to right , you shall see BIFF Square on your left

MUST TRY FOOD (personal preferences)

Hotteok Pancake - 1200won
I'm lovin'it!! 😍
Try and you will know fall in love like I do.

Mandu (10pcs) - 5000 won
Better known as dumpling in English.
Filling and juicy. πŸ˜‹


It's under construction when I arrived. It is a location where you will always pass by if you are travelling through train from/to Busan. It is similar to our KL Sentral station.

What's so special about this place? Food Exploration!!!


Busan Station - Samjin Fish Cake
You won't miss this. You'll spot the queue when you walk straight out of that door to arrival hall which is located at second floor. Looking at the queue you will know how Korean love this fish cake.

5. SEOMYEON STATION (Line 1 & 2)

     Seomyeon Street & Underground Shopping Centre
  • Connected to station 
  • Operation hours : 10.00 am to 10.00pm


KingKong Table
Korean love meat absolutely to a point which they admire them. They have thousands way to serve them. This is only ONE of them. It is similar to steamboat but not filled up with soup. They called it "ιƒ¨ι˜Ÿι”…“ or army steel. Rumours saying, Korean army love to use this steel for their daily meals therefore, they have converted this into their routine meal. 


     Hae Dong Yong Gung Temple / Yong Gung Sa Temple
  • Exit 7, take bus 181 or 100, alight at National Fisheries Research & Development Institute, turn left and walk uphill till you reach the top, you will pass by food stalls and then animal statue
  • Operation hours : 4.00 am to 7.00 pm

      Haeundae Beach
  • Exit 3 or 5
  • Will pass by street of food alley and walk straight till the end


Pork Soup Rice
I have no idea what's the name of the shop but it's right at the food street alley. You will be able to trace them through their menu signboard. It's not far from the entrance. Simply love the pork broth with rice and cold cuts.



Location in purple circle and mark numbering 


      Hongdae / Hongik Shopping Area
  • Exit 5
  • Operation Hours : 11.00 am - 10.00 pm
" Personally think there's nothing much here. A place that's for youngsters and food maniac. Restaurant, cafe and food stalls are everywhere. "


      Ewha Womans University & Ewha Shopping Area
  • Exit 2 or 3 , turn left and walk straight down , whole slot of shoplots
  • Ewha University is at the end and turn right to find more shops
" Man's heaven! You will find pretty girls all over. Varieties cuisine, local delicacies and boutique to explore."


εŠ ε‘³ (jia wei)
Running Man show gave much influence or guidance to my food hunt in Korea. Accidentally found these restaurant at one of the alley, so we pop in and try. I have always wanted to try their buckwheat noodles and also bimbimbap (korean mix rice) and this restaurant offered both.

I preferred hot dish then a cold soup noodle. Imagination never go along with reality. It was totally different than what I had imagined. Buckwheat noodle is slippery and long. It's not easy to cut off with your teeth. Do chew hard and long enough before you swallow. I nearly puke half way joggle down my noodles.  


      Gyeongbokgung Palace
  • Exit 5
  • Operation hours : 9.00 am to 6.00 pm (off every Tuesday)
  • Admission Fee : 3,000 won
  • Free entrance with Korean traditional wear

princess on the run

                                                                    MUST TRY FOOD

  • Exit 2
  • Go straight till you see GS25 convenient store, turn left, and go straight till you see this wooden house.
"Love the ginseng chicken soup. Chicken stuffed with rice, nuts and ginseng makes me craving for more. Samgyetang (ginseng soup) had it's own way of serving. It's great to mix with Insamju (ginseng liquor)."

4. ANGUK STATION (Line 3, Orange)

      Bukchon Hanok Village
  • Exit 2
  • Operation Hours : Mon to Fri : 9.00 am to 6.00 pm , Sat & Sun : 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
"A traditional Korean house which it is still preserved till today. Alley for exploration and definitely different spot to hunt for great photo shoot session."

  • Exit 6, go straight till you spot GS25 and that's the starting point on your left


There's much selection of small cosy cafe to choose from. We happen to see this and love the structure and environment of its old wooden building. They served traditional tidbits which I can't stop glancing at. 😍 

5. JONGNO 5 (0) GA STATION (Line 1 , Blue)

       Gwangja Market
  • Exit 9
  • Operation Hours : 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

6. CITY HALL STATION ( Line 1 , Blue)

      Deoksugung Palace
  • Exit 2, walk straight and you shall see the main door like this on your right
  • Operation hours : 9.00 am to 9.00 pm (closed every Monday)
  • Admission Fee : 1,000 won

7. SEOUL STATION ( Line 1, Blue & Line 4, Light Blue - Intersect)

      Lotte Mart
  • Exit 1 , follow the sign and you shall reach the mart which is connected to the subway
  • Operation Hours : 10.00 am to 12.00 midnight

8. MYEONGDONG STATION (Line 4 , Light Blue)

  • Exit 5,6,7 & 8
  • Operation Hours : 10.00 am to 10.00 pm 
"A place where you shop all beauty products. Do bargain a little or ask for sample items upon paying at cashier. I do not encourage to take those samples that they give out which they will stop and and invite you into their shop. Bring your passport along to make an immediate tax refund upon purchase of 30,000 won items."


Baek Jeong
The best BBQ shop that I had tried. I personally love this shop. Not only the have good food, but also great service and also reasonable pricing. Truly sorry that I can't give you an accurate direction, as we just walk around and decided to pop in whatever looks nice.

The most popular shave ice shop in Korea which you won't failed to try. It's all over the place. We hop into their outlet at MyeongDong as it is full when we tried to enter their outlet in Busan.

Loco Quan
I believe this shop ain't stranger to those who watch Running Man (RM). It is own by HaHa one of the RM cast. Also another BBQ shop which is located at 7th floor with great view and good services too.

9. CHUNGMURO ( Line 4 , Light Blue)

      Namsan Seoul Tower
  • Exit 2 , take bus to Namsan Seoul Tower
  • Operation hours : 10.00 am to 12.00 midnight
  • Admission Fee : 

10. KONKUK UNIVERSITY STATION ( Line 2, Green & Line 7 , Army Green)

      Common Ground
  • Exit 6 , walk straight till you see blue container and destination is at your left
  • Operation Hours : 11.00 am to 10.00 pm

11. EXPRESS BUS TERMINAL STATION (Line 3, Orange & Line 7 , Army Green)

      Express Bus Terminal Underground Street (GoTo Mall)
  • Connected to the subway
  • Operation Hours : 10.00 am to 10.00 pm

      Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain
  • Walk to the end till G4 exit
  • See KB Bank on your right
  • Walk straight till you see Hangang Park sign
  • Walk down the bridge, turn right on the second section where you see a sign
  • Walk down till you reach the park and cross at the traffic light
  • Banpo Bridge at your left


      Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Center
  • connected to subway station
  • Operation Hours : 10.00 am to 10.00 pm



Flying out of Korea on the earliest give me the opportunity to watch the most beautiful sunrise from the other land. Thou we have 4 hours to spare before boarding, we only manage to be at the boarding hall and hour before departure.

We have to return our pocket wifi, which is located at the exact floor where we collected. After that, going around the airport looking from counter for tax refund. Information counter staff were helpful but ain't providing me correct direction.

Before boarding, I manage to have final grab of more kimchi and tofu stew with seaweed. πŸ˜‹

It was such a relaxing trip. I wish I could explore more. There's island which are yet to explore. On my next post, I shall be introducing accommodation that I had stayed. Till then, adios ~ πŸ˜„



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