Recommended Accommodation in Korea

Often when out to travel, one thing that concern me most is always accommodation. Every single information is crucial. Location, cleanliness, security & safety specially, facilities, surroundings and definitely public transport. By far, Korea accommodation gave me much satisfaction.

MH HOUSE 2 - BUSAN , KOREA (airbnb)

Book this space through airbnb. Get it at a very affordable price. I would say I love this home very much. Thou it's small but just nice for the both of us (me and my sister). Fully furnished with all you can ask for. Space for entertainment (thou I don't understand a single word from any of the channel), compound to show off your cooking skill and also a comfy bed for your head to lie on is all packed in one which I found it convenient for travelers like me. You can even do your laundry if you run out of cloths to put on. A limited space with everything in it. In chinese we called it "五脏俱全"(fully furnished). 

Not only it is fully furnished, daily necessities is also provided. From bath gel to shampoo and also detergent unlimited usage. The only drawbacks is they don't make up your room. However, it isn't a big deal to me. As long as I have place to shower, power plug to get my gadgets charge and also a warm comfy bed to lie on at the end of the day, I am satisfied.


Stay here for a night just to experience their traditional bedroom. This place is phenomenal. Words couldn't do justice as I can't express well how wonderful this crib are. Situated on fourth floor, pantry on the roof top - it just take my breath away every time I recall how stunning it is. 

Area where you get to enjoy your light morning breakfast under the warm sunshine accompanied by a remarkable view. Cosy, chill and relax. If you wish to make friends, you can always make your dinner and share it with your housemates. There's an open area for barbecue (if you love DIY instead of eating out) and a bottle of beer or soju accompanied by magnificent night view to end the day is a perfect ending. 


Be extra alert when you book this place. They have a few branches and I did manage to spot another branch of theirs and I think the one I stayed is much easier to locate. Staying at the most hipster place always makes you shop more. You can easily locate all beauty products at this area. That's why we are here and not any other location.

Clean, tidy and neat. I will have to admit that they have very friendly staff (thou throughout our stay, we only saw 2 of them rotating shift). Public dining area, washing machine for public use and light breakfast provided. 


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