Friday, 27 May 2011

Guidelines for Summer Student to UK

Are you one of the yearly students that join the summer programme back at UK? Are you one of the students who were anxious? happy? excited? and can't wait to fly and reach there. 3 months course id truly short for you to enjoy everything over there so plan properly first thing first when you reach your hostel or even when you're flight in the plan.

You will have plenty of time in the plane for at least 17 hours. Do look back what your seniors track to have better plan. Here I am to provide you little guidelines on what to bring in case of overweight issue.

First thing first, you have to ready your pounds. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT change it at UK because it doesn't worth a single penny you had change. You get less pounds back with ringgit you gave them. So this is a NO!

Approximately, you will need around 300-400 pounds a month for expenses and this only applies to those who cooks everyday for lunch and dinner. This examines you how good are you in financing yourself with limited budget. If you're not a good cook and hoping for meal outside everyday, be prepare for higher expenses up to 500-700 pound per month.

Get your driving license with you. You'll need it, and believe me. Of course it shouldn't be an expired one. Even Malaysia traffic won't let you drive with expired license. You can always rent a car a treasure around UK by driving. It would be fantastic but please follow the laws because you can't afford with their summons.

Have your luggage attached with luggage tag because you never know who had the same luggage as yours. A tag would secure your belongings and also mistook but somebody else. This is unnecessary if you had a very "outstanding" luggage where others will never even get it.

Having euros now or later is all depends on yourself. If you have euro now meaning you have more pounds. Besides there won't be twice currency exchange charges, from ringgit to pound and pound to euro. Direct ringgit to euro would save you some. You will need it when you're on a trip around Europe where most of them would not miss because it is a chance you will grab.

Getting a proper luggage is important. Why do I say so? You need a good one to not only fit in your cloths but also souvenirs and some local delicacies that taste awesome. Size vary for everyone but a bigger one definitely worth every penny than a smaller one. You can bring less cloths and more dried food like instant noodles, herbs or bak kut teh, curry powder, chili sauce and others that you might need for daily cooking.

You can find it all at China town but it is not cheap at all. You might have to pay double or triple amount that you have to pay here after convert. Besides, taste was different from what we usually have. Properly organise your luggage to ft in all your things.

You don't have to grab too much cloths over because you'll love cloths there where summer sales will just blew you off. You get additional discounts for certain brands too so do not bring much where you get dirt cheap prices there. Just ensure you have your jacket and long pants and cover shoes when you boarding.

The important of all your passport. Never left it aside from you. Keep it at a safe place when you reach there. You'll need it from time to time. Remember to photocopy all your documents and keep a copy for your family in case something happen and there's someone to prove your identity.

By now I think you had everything ready with you. Last but not least, before you fly remember your offer letter, your bank draft, your itinerary (for immigration purposes), and passport for sure. Safe journey and happy on board!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Station 1 Cafe

This is what everyone might have been waiting for! This might be the one that everyone had been hunting for! NO? DON'T AGREE? You're right here now ain't it? Ever since the banner were review, Mirians had been looking forward for their opening and they had their soft opening on 17th May 2011 and grand opening on coming 25th May 2011.

Station 1 Cafe had been a great cafe at West Malaysia, and everyone wonders how great can they do at East Malaysia because franchise restaurant don't really give much good expressions to the locals BUT excluded the fast food chain outlet. Drop by there today with reservation and I feel lucky that I did because after moment we get our seats the place was fast packed up with people.

This mini stage is for band performers like what we formerly have for Halo Cafe but they did not turn out success so I'm crossing fingers hoping that this would last because they had quite great range of food for you to be picky.

YESTEA (recommended by Station 1)

Did not get to taste it but somehow it was quite nice for a hot sunny day. Cooling and refreshing to cool your throat.

Ribena Sparkling

Sweet and sour taste just enlighten your taste bud isn't it? This is very normal nowadays instead of just plain Ice Lemon and Lemon Tea all the time? Boring pick ain't it?

3 Layer Tea

This is to say speciality of Miri and I have no idea how do they have it in their menu. I wonder do they purposely have it for us like Secret Recipe have Sarawak Laksa in their menu or it was same all over Malaysia. Then it would be good thing for KL-ians because they can taste 3 layer tea anywhere in West Malaysia even mamak stalls.

Fruity Milk

This taste a little awkward, just a little because it doesn't suits well with milk. Papaya and watermelon is still a better combination.

Upset with long waiting hours for your food? Boring and mad when time runs and you're extremely hungry? Guess what? They have some toys for not only kids but adults to play. No restriction BUT remember to read instruction before you proceed. Here goes what we get.

I don't even get to start yet and our food is ready to served our drooling tummy. Just right on time and the appearance are truly tempting. Let's see how far different can it taste.


This is definitely as good as how it looks. Awesome taste, awesome aroma, awesome look. Would rate 8.5/10. Not giving out full because I didn't how the rice texture because it was a little too hard and cold. Other than that the meat was spicy enough for me to challenge (not spicy lover), and still could not stop having more of it.


This is a little disappointed because it doesn't smells nice and either taste pretty good. Mr Ho's will still be my favorite pick so far.


This was not bad. Presentation wise and taste wise. Their kong po does not really hot & spicy. Maybe fusion style but still my colleagues did not like the rice too.


This was nice but little unexpected because I never ever see any chop that serves with rice and they did. Fusion I shall assumed? I tell you this was good. I love the gravy and simply greatly cook chicken chop. Soft enough for you to chew and swallow. Doesn't need much muscle of your mouth.


This is total disappointment because this looks total different and I mean REAL DIFFERENT from what it appears in the menu. Even though picture is for illustration but somehow this is a little too over?? Now I know why the westerns never have any picture on their menu. Put aside the appearance and go for the taste. Not really satisfying my taste bud, I think might be taste better with tomato paste?


Who says vegetable does not taste good? Who says lettuce and capsicum can never be nice? This bowl of salad might change your thought. Nothing special but I can see that they have fresh vegetables and that was a real important aspect for serving great food.

All of us was satisfied with our lunch and the food was satisfying of course exception for the rice part. Definitely would come back for their appetizers and western steak from far New Zealand! Tempting? Head down and try it out instead of waiting!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

CGS Vegetarian Cafe

There's not much vegetarian cafe around Miri. Is not that there's no demand but supplying is hard because not much people know how to make great and delicious vegetarian food which is rather hard and consists and "heart" work.

Personally thinks CGS is one rated vegetarian cafe. I think their food are nice, healthy and at the same time delicious. Do forgive me for not remembering the name because it's weird to have it in english.

Above pick were great. It does suits my taste bud but I don't know for others. I just love their taste and the way they cook it. Even their drinks were healthy that suits all ages. Hope by and give it a try. Who knows you would love it!!

Saturday, 7 May 2011


Had been doing last minute reservation? Too bad but can't get any seats everywhere? Worried of disappointing your mummy this year? I might offer you some help over here. This post just come in the right time ain't it?

Dave's Deli is having their very own Mother's Day Special Menu. Why do you have to go with the pack when you can enjoy a pretty calm and enjoyable lunch just with your family. They had their British Chef to come up with this Western Menu.

Do you know that the British always have good way of preparing red meat like lamb and beef? Why? They just love it, so they work things out to serve it better. Look at the menu above you might have some idea how great it would be. Different from normal western course, it will be 2 course meal without the appetizer but not forgetting the desserts. 3 course meal might be too much for us Asian and to be frank, as for my experience you can't finish a 3 course meal because the main course will be a real big portion. 2 is just nice!

How awesome it could be isn't it? Reasonable price for such a wonderful meal. Don't you think it would be worth it? Second thought? Please don't because another moment of thought might lead you to disappointment again. Call o85-416108 for more information and reservation.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Mother's Day Promotion

Have you ready for this coming celebration. Any idea where to celebrate? I'm here to the rescue. Just a sharing with you, who knows it will be a last minute saver to you or those who are reading this.

Park City Everly Hotel
Seeing their promotion, the price is definite worth the venue BUT the food might not necessary be. It's for you to judge customer out there. You may call over to ask for more details. Click to enlarge the image for better view.
Mr Ho's definitely could not be compare to those good reputation hotel with great chefs but they are bringing out their very best specialty to their customer out there.

Newly open Imperial Palace Hotel definitely show their ability to satisfy their customer. They are offering variety of promotion that you might interested in for these year Mother's Day celebration.

It's been so long ever since we heard of Mega Hotel. Even they are not the best in Miri but I personally think they are offering great varieties of food especially when comes to buffet. They can always satisfied customer because I believe their chef must have understand Mirians very well.

Last but not least, the parent of Imperial Palace, Imperial Hotel is offering their set dinner which was different from many others. But somehow you have to get at least 6 person for the set dinner.

Way to hard to decide? But still you have to go for something. There's still more choices available out there but these is all I can get from the site. This is for your easier view all in one. If the place had been fully booked then you can go for other one.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Shukie Cafe

Shukie can be consider a newly open restaurant at Miri. There were so many newly open restaurant recently just like mushroom after the rain, phrases direct translate from "bagai cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan", my malay still good.

This place I had been to hundreds time but it's next door. Citi Cafe the new cafe based on western style. Shukie are just right next door to it and I always thought Shukie was a Malay owned restaurant but it was total wrong of mine. It was Chinese owned and someone I know very well.

They have great nasi lalapan but the portion is way too big for me so me and bunch of buddies go for something small and light.

To be frank, I don't remember all the names of the food above. But the fried rice taste not bad at all. I love that plate of light cook baby kailan. Nothing much added except fried garlic and light oil which is the best way to have the vegetable cook.

Overall, I personally won't thought of this restaurant when I wanted for something special and nice but of course when I wish for nasi lalapan it would definitely be a great pick.