Mother's Day Promotion

Have you ready for this coming celebration. Any idea where to celebrate? I'm here to the rescue. Just a sharing with you, who knows it will be a last minute saver to you or those who are reading this.

Park City Everly Hotel
Seeing their promotion, the price is definite worth the venue BUT the food might not necessary be. It's for you to judge customer out there. You may call over to ask for more details. Click to enlarge the image for better view.
Mr Ho's definitely could not be compare to those good reputation hotel with great chefs but they are bringing out their very best specialty to their customer out there.

Newly open Imperial Palace Hotel definitely show their ability to satisfy their customer. They are offering variety of promotion that you might interested in for these year Mother's Day celebration.

It's been so long ever since we heard of Mega Hotel. Even they are not the best in Miri but I personally think they are offering great varieties of food especially when comes to buffet. They can always satisfied customer because I believe their chef must have understand Mirians very well.

Last but not least, the parent of Imperial Palace, Imperial Hotel is offering their set dinner which was different from many others. But somehow you have to get at least 6 person for the set dinner.

Way to hard to decide? But still you have to go for something. There's still more choices available out there but these is all I can get from the site. This is for your easier view all in one. If the place had been fully booked then you can go for other one.


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