Had been doing last minute reservation? Too bad but can't get any seats everywhere? Worried of disappointing your mummy this year? I might offer you some help over here. This post just come in the right time ain't it?

Dave's Deli is having their very own Mother's Day Special Menu. Why do you have to go with the pack when you can enjoy a pretty calm and enjoyable lunch just with your family. They had their British Chef to come up with this Western Menu.

Do you know that the British always have good way of preparing red meat like lamb and beef? Why? They just love it, so they work things out to serve it better. Look at the menu above you might have some idea how great it would be. Different from normal western course, it will be 2 course meal without the appetizer but not forgetting the desserts. 3 course meal might be too much for us Asian and to be frank, as for my experience you can't finish a 3 course meal because the main course will be a real big portion. 2 is just nice!

How awesome it could be isn't it? Reasonable price for such a wonderful meal. Don't you think it would be worth it? Second thought? Please don't because another moment of thought might lead you to disappointment again. Call o85-416108 for more information and reservation.


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