Shukie Cafe

Shukie can be consider a newly open restaurant at Miri. There were so many newly open restaurant recently just like mushroom after the rain, phrases direct translate from "bagai cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan", my malay still good.

This place I had been to hundreds time but it's next door. Citi Cafe the new cafe based on western style. Shukie are just right next door to it and I always thought Shukie was a Malay owned restaurant but it was total wrong of mine. It was Chinese owned and someone I know very well.

They have great nasi lalapan but the portion is way too big for me so me and bunch of buddies go for something small and light.

To be frank, I don't remember all the names of the food above. But the fried rice taste not bad at all. I love that plate of light cook baby kailan. Nothing much added except fried garlic and light oil which is the best way to have the vegetable cook.

Overall, I personally won't thought of this restaurant when I wanted for something special and nice but of course when I wish for nasi lalapan it would definitely be a great pick.


Anonymous said…
the shukie cafe at jln merpati (in front imperial) really sucks. rude staff, bad service, terrible food.
the price they charging not worth it.
mirians, avoid this cafe. boycott it.

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