Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Imaginary is another type of dream.

Everyone has it's own way of interpreting life.
Has it's own way of living life.
Definitely have their inspirational that lead them through life.

It ain't wrong. Ain't mistake.
It's just the way that makes them feel better, makes them successful or even popular.
But why do you bother when some people do not have it?

They just don't find inspirational in others.
They just think they may have better thoughts and perception how they should live their life.
They may have more wild imagination that may lead them to a more challenging, meaningful or perhaps adventurous life.

Quality of life shouldn't and ain't determine by others.
I do not see a problem when someone do not have a dream or an aim.
They just don't expect things when they can't even see their future.
Definitely it ain't about being pessimistic that he/she may not live long.

It is just a way to make things simpler.
Human and people are just way too complicated these days.
Brain and mind had been controlling everyone mindset that leads to human destruction.
Lead to human jealousy. Lead to human evilness.

I do not have a dream. Least not at this moment.
BUT I do have imagination. A wild and extraordinary imagination.
However, it ain't doing me bad or worst.
I am still living life like others do.
I still work for a living like others do.
I struggle to survive, struggle to pay my loans, struggle to be debt free.

It makes no different between me and others.
I am giving helping hand sometimes within my limit.
I am being nosy and hot tempered when I am emotional.
I am being kind when people needs sympathy.
I am just doing my little bits as part of the globe living creature like most people does.
And I don't seems to be so different after all without a dream.

I ain't asking for too much.
I ain't expecting for too much.
I ain't living an luxurious life too.
I am just simple homo-sapiens who wish to live my own life. My way of life.

Despite I do not have dreams.
I do not have aim.
I do not have a target.
I am still human.

*Disclaimer : Above is all about my two cents. If you have disagreement I wouldn't be surprise and definitely respecting it. If you feel offended, I feel truly sorry. The mind had it all. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Ever since the first coverage for Borneo Jazz last year, I had a brand new perception towards Jazz genre. I ain't loving any genre in particular and have no bias towards any, I just love music. They are like part of my life which is inseparable.
I may sound I am making this up BUT I had been expecting for the 10th anniversary Borneo Jazz ever since last year. It will be big. It will be great. IT WILL BE AWESOME! I am certain that it is going to be huge and grand! That's how high my expectation is towards the 10th Borneo Jazz Festival. They always say, "The higher expectation, The greater disappointment may be." True and yet not true.

                                                                             LLUIS COLOMA (SPAIN)

However, I do have something that bothers me. I am in a truly complicated or shall I said extraordinary relation by having duo status for covering Borneo Jazz this year because I am part of the official hotel staff and also part of the media team. I am taking every single advantage of my position in the hotel to get first hand information and keep myself in loop and updated. I am hoping to get different coverage and updates of Jazz in a different perception rather than just a media. Indirectly participation, knowing how it started from scratch to something, it ain't job for one man show. 

JUMP 4 JOY (SWEDEN)                                                                                                                                                            

Putting up everything in place, from lighting that creates multi-colour layered that eye captured to the sound system, getting assured every single pitch in the right tune just to ensure everyone have the best sound surrounding of music enjoyment. The most eargasm sound the ear could absorbed. That's how hard the team had been working on day and night.

The whole point is truly ain't about just organising such music festival. Personally, I see it as a platform for musician to gather and shared their work. A place where music lovers indulge in great music that this musician had gathered. A destination where all performers come and gather around for one same reason. Purely for MUSIC, Jazz Music! Nothing can beats the fire burning passion .

                                                                                                                                       THE DOODADDIES (AUSTRALIA)
I won't be commenting on each performances but I would write up on some of them that blew me off out of space. Besides, personal sense which is too subjective for me to judge and my preferences may vary from yours. They were more than amazing and each of them had their own personality. And of course not to mention such great passion they have towards Jazz music. UNBEATABLE is the most appropriate word if really I need to find a word for them.

I personally think that Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) had made a great move to select from the previous years performers and get their return to this very same stage and celebrate such wonderful 10th Anniversary together. The performers get to share how they felt on their previous stay which other performers don't get too as we do not have after performance conference. On the other hand, us, the host were more than happy and delighted to see familiar faces once again.


(photo credited to STB official photographer)

Among that 2 nights, I will have to mention this band in particular. Just bits compliment of mine to this acapella group which is my favourite, who performed on the first night music festival. Lovin' them to the max. From their blending tone and voice, to their mixture of compilation sound makes the whole performance much alive. Specially their musical track of our childhood Disney cartoon, The Lion King - "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" just simply AWESOME! Simply eargasm! So pure & genuine. The crowd just wanted more from them.

Another performer which I had been eager for his return had come true this year. He is none other than the talented Jazz singer, Anthony Strong. He can always get me back on earth when I am trying to stay outta space. That's how great his voice are.

However, there's slight disappointment I felt and which I got the same comment from a few friends too. They think that the festival are lacking of young blood performers. They love Anthony Strong like I do. Therefore, they are expecting more of such performers. Certainly all of them are great. I am definitely impressed with the varieties 
 of Jazz performers that had blend in all over the world during the music fest BUT yet still unable to satisfy and fulfill satisfaction of younger age group which I think shall be the potential and future "listeners". May take such feedback into consideration for future reference.

For me, being part of the team, I got valuable experiences that money can't buy. I learn to listen. I learn to differentiate and also get to know and understand that most of them aren't pure Jazz. Ain't the old school Jazz that sounds like oldies. They had blend in what they called culture influence, local diversity and definitely their music influential which gave listeners a whole new perception and life to Jazz.

I wouldn't know simple harmonica with high tune can blend in so well into Jazz until The Doodaddies, band from Australia amazed me. The same goes to loud trumpet of different sizes (forgive me that I do not know the name of the instrument), that Dirty Dozen Brass Band from New Orleans, USA used to impress everyone on the ground which give much tune and pitch are simply fascinating. All these are music that know no boundaries. They tie human closer to each other with no language spoken.

Opening with starter of soft R&B Jazz, slowly moving down from funk Jazz then Blue Jazz keeps the people grooving on the first night, and slowly diversifying into Rock & Roll and Funky Jazz on the second night keeps the crowd screaming!!! Layering every piece of Jazz performances into a nice bowl of Tom Yam soup. Spicy level that keeps you hot & spicy. Sourly taste which enlighten your taste bud and light sweetness that gave you the happiness while enjoying the savoury taste of it. Just too addictive to resist! Do forgive me for using such description, as I can't find something closer than this to express my words.

                                                                               MO' BLOW (GERMANY)

Perhaps I ain't from music background. I seems to have this ancient thought that particular genre are only meant for particular instrument. I know I sounds bias BUT clearly stated that how uneducated am I towards the most wonderful sound in the world, music!

The only thing I am doing as an appreciation? Grooving in to every single bits of knots. I know nothing about chord. I know nothing about bass and I believe most of them with me right at the ground that night may be the same BUT who cares?!?! Most of all, STB had throw a party that everyone enjoyed.


We, the Sarawak Bloggers are truly honoured to be invited by STB for celebrating the 10th Borneo Jazz birthday. Not forgetting the Sarawak Bloggers for getting me as part of the team. It was an unforgettable night. I party real hard and had max fun! Definitely hoping to see everyone again next year. Make sure you mark your calendar, next Borneo Jazz will be on 13th & 14th May 2016. See you NEXT YEAR! Adios~

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Friday, 8 May 2015

Pre-Borneo Jazz Festival : Rush Hour

WOW!!! I don't even know where and how do I start this. It's been a real long day, REALLY LONG DAY! Rush Hour sums up everything that I had been through today. BUT it doesn't mean I am going through a gloomy day, INSTEAD I'm having FUN!

Woke up as early as 5.00 am may not sounds interesting BUT kick start the morning with this breathtaking view definitely worth the effort. Cool wind breeze, warm sunshine and calming sea. The zen moment which I always seek for. 

The greening activity or better known as the Tree Planting ceremony had been a routine and part of CSR which STB had never neglected. The only thing that rotates is the venue itself. Selecting Piasau Nature Reserves, Miri as the venue for such ceremony was an act to support the promotion of nature conversation and also giving awareness to the public the importance of mother nature which we should be concerning of. It ain't just government or organization who should take charge. It shall be everyone's responsibility to preserve existing nature.

 How can you be part of the greening activity when you are not playing with the soil? It wouldn't be right to call a contribution to mother nature if you wasn't planting any trees and contributing least bits back to earth. Walking 1.5km into the woods and everyone planted their trees according to coordination that they had marked earlier on. A great effort that the committee had put in and kudos to them.

It ain't end yet. Media Briefing was conducted on the same day 2.00pm at Lambir Hall, Parkcity Everly Hotel, Miri. All media will be briefed and given information in depth of the performers, the selection process and also what was the extraordinary agenda that's happening. Indeed, the committee are having a hard time this year round to get the selection  process done. It is the 10th Anniversary and they have to select 8 bands out of 72 of them from previous 9 years, they just struggled.

Great things just have to continue till we called it a day. We are deeply honored to be invited for the welcoming dinner at Meritz Hotel. However, just right before we indulged to makan-makan, The Nylons had a quick preview at Bintang Megamall itself which I missed out due to work commitment. I heard tonnes of great things about them and I am looking forward for their performances on the first night of the concert, 8th May 2015 (Friday). It is indeed something extraordinary this year to be part of Borneo Jazz with duo status. Ain't easy and bigger responsibility BUT I'm "indulging" in such status. Being at work and have fun, that's MAX satisfaction! 

Before signing off this post (old fashioned =.="') , a quick reminder to those who haven't get their tickets, please grab it fast. It is still available on sell at the official hotel, Parkcity Everly Hotel, Miri at the price of RM70.00. In case you didn't know too, the concert will be helf on 8th (Friday) & 9th (Saturday) May 2015. 

See you there!
Jumpa kamu sana!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Preview - 10th Anniversary Borneo Jazz Festival

Borneo Jazz Festival is coming to its 10th Anniversary!!! How time flies? What will you be expecting during the 10th Anniversary? I am sure you won't be disappointing. First and foremost , would love to let you know that the date will be on 8th & 9th May 2015, which is coming weekend.

Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) had made effort to make the 10th edition a grand and memorable one. They had set-up a "walk down memory lane" to recall the last 10 years performers who had been performing for the Jazz Festival. This is the walkabout where you will see the pictures of the previous years performers.

The stage where the performers reunion of bands compromising 8 top International and regional Jazz performers for the festival with 4 groups performing each night.

When you have great music, great ambiance, BUT it feels like it is still incomplete? Definitely good food and a cup a chill beverage makes everything PERFECT! There will be 20 stalls with wide varieties including craft and food bazaar offering wide varieties of food and souvenir items.

What's more exciting to come? On the 7th May, there will be a preview show at 6.00pm at the Bintang Plaza Mall, Miri where The Nylons will be performing. Audience get to indulge in their soothing acapella Jazz. They are the HIT when they performed for Borneo Jazz back then. I'm definitely have an eye on them this time round. Do drop by and enjoy their music. 

Here are the listed performers on the coming 10th Borneo Jazz Festival which is only a day away!

I will just get this parked in here too in case you are interested to know. I am hoping to see you there and have fun with the crowd and performers! We will definitely have an awesome night!!!~