Imaginary is another type of dream.

Everyone has it's own way of interpreting life.
Has it's own way of living life.
Definitely have their inspirational that lead them through life.

It ain't wrong. Ain't mistake.
It's just the way that makes them feel better, makes them successful or even popular.
But why do you bother when some people do not have it?

They just don't find inspirational in others.
They just think they may have better thoughts and perception how they should live their life.
They may have more wild imagination that may lead them to a more challenging, meaningful or perhaps adventurous life.

Quality of life shouldn't and ain't determine by others.
I do not see a problem when someone do not have a dream or an aim.
They just don't expect things when they can't even see their future.
Definitely it ain't about being pessimistic that he/she may not live long.

It is just a way to make things simpler.
Human and people are just way too complicated these days.
Brain and mind had been controlling everyone mindset that leads to human destruction.
Lead to human jealousy. Lead to human evilness.

I do not have a dream. Least not at this moment.
BUT I do have imagination. A wild and extraordinary imagination.
However, it ain't doing me bad or worst.
I am still living life like others do.
I still work for a living like others do.
I struggle to survive, struggle to pay my loans, struggle to be debt free.

It makes no different between me and others.
I am giving helping hand sometimes within my limit.
I am being nosy and hot tempered when I am emotional.
I am being kind when people needs sympathy.
I am just doing my little bits as part of the globe living creature like most people does.
And I don't seems to be so different after all without a dream.

I ain't asking for too much.
I ain't expecting for too much.
I ain't living an luxurious life too.
I am just simple homo-sapiens who wish to live my own life. My way of life.

Despite I do not have dreams.
I do not have aim.
I do not have a target.
I am still human.

*Disclaimer : Above is all about my two cents. If you have disagreement I wouldn't be surprise and definitely respecting it. If you feel offended, I feel truly sorry. The mind had it all. 


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