Pre-Borneo Jazz Festival : Rush Hour

WOW!!! I don't even know where and how do I start this. It's been a real long day, REALLY LONG DAY! Rush Hour sums up everything that I had been through today. BUT it doesn't mean I am going through a gloomy day, INSTEAD I'm having FUN!

Woke up as early as 5.00 am may not sounds interesting BUT kick start the morning with this breathtaking view definitely worth the effort. Cool wind breeze, warm sunshine and calming sea. The zen moment which I always seek for. 

The greening activity or better known as the Tree Planting ceremony had been a routine and part of CSR which STB had never neglected. The only thing that rotates is the venue itself. Selecting Piasau Nature Reserves, Miri as the venue for such ceremony was an act to support the promotion of nature conversation and also giving awareness to the public the importance of mother nature which we should be concerning of. It ain't just government or organization who should take charge. It shall be everyone's responsibility to preserve existing nature.

 How can you be part of the greening activity when you are not playing with the soil? It wouldn't be right to call a contribution to mother nature if you wasn't planting any trees and contributing least bits back to earth. Walking 1.5km into the woods and everyone planted their trees according to coordination that they had marked earlier on. A great effort that the committee had put in and kudos to them.

It ain't end yet. Media Briefing was conducted on the same day 2.00pm at Lambir Hall, Parkcity Everly Hotel, Miri. All media will be briefed and given information in depth of the performers, the selection process and also what was the extraordinary agenda that's happening. Indeed, the committee are having a hard time this year round to get the selection  process done. It is the 10th Anniversary and they have to select 8 bands out of 72 of them from previous 9 years, they just struggled.

Great things just have to continue till we called it a day. We are deeply honored to be invited for the welcoming dinner at Meritz Hotel. However, just right before we indulged to makan-makan, The Nylons had a quick preview at Bintang Megamall itself which I missed out due to work commitment. I heard tonnes of great things about them and I am looking forward for their performances on the first night of the concert, 8th May 2015 (Friday). It is indeed something extraordinary this year to be part of Borneo Jazz with duo status. Ain't easy and bigger responsibility BUT I'm "indulging" in such status. Being at work and have fun, that's MAX satisfaction! 

Before signing off this post (old fashioned =.="') , a quick reminder to those who haven't get their tickets, please grab it fast. It is still available on sell at the official hotel, Parkcity Everly Hotel, Miri at the price of RM70.00. In case you didn't know too, the concert will be helf on 8th (Friday) & 9th (Saturday) May 2015. 

See you there!
Jumpa kamu sana!


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