Chinese New Year 2010

Today is already the fifth day of chinese new year and so far it has been a very great one. I am enjoying my holiday and this great festive season. Having so much fun with my family members. Doing a great time with all my lovely bunch of friends which I miss a lot. It was really an enjoyable new year. Stop all the craps and look at some photos I had captured during the new year visits and hanging around.
pEi & sis
sis, mummy & pEi
sis & pEi
pEi & mummy
pEi & sis

Everyone is asking you and your younger sister looks alike and I told them she is my elder sister. No hard feelings about it as I am kinda used to it already. Its been years people saying that so I am not surprised at all.

shir, sze, song & pEi


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