Langsat and Duku? Difference?

I know some people might be thinking I am out of my mind but this is just what I wish to write when I wanted to make things clear. Can you differentiate between this 2 fruit that looks a like but give different satisfaction to people.
How do you know which one is which one? How do you know which one is Langsat and which one is duku? This is what I find out from what I had been looking for couple of days. Personally, I think that langsat is more to round and duku is slightly sharp at the upper part. You can see the difference from the below picture.

Somehow, mummy told me that the difference between them lie within the skin. Langsat had a thinner skin and while duku had thicker one and this is true too. You can see from below picture which I had made experiment on. So far all the physical and inner statement had support what we see. But somehow there might be some other aspect to differentiate them whic I don't know.

Just a randomly post to share on how to differentiate a similar fruit since I had nothing better to do at home.


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