Shashaki - Sushi Shabu-Shabu Buffet

It's Valentine yesterday. Everywhere is fully booked and nevertheless this newly open restaurant in Bintang Megamall. Even couple might not intended to come here but there's still a few exception of them that we saw last night. Undeniable people just love new things especially new franchise restaurant.

It is a buffet concept and you get to eat all you can what ever you can that they provided BUT what do they provide? On this trailer I think? roller?? what ever it is, there's nothing much at all. I can even count it with 10 fingers and still left a few to add in. Only one that worthy the price you paid is beef and prawn maybe.

As for their sushi, eat all you can take that their served but I don't think you even want to even second round of the same sushi because it does not taste up to standard so not to mention quality. I just love sushi so I'm strict when give comment on this.

The rice is not up to standard at all. No quality control at all. It's to hard for a good sushi, and the rice is not sticking together at all. Can you call it a sushi or better to be known as a bowl of rice would be better? There is this tuna sushi and it's awful. The fishy smell can still be taste while you put it in the mouth and that's pretty awful part. That's why making salmon and sashimi really needs great skill.

I personally dislike it. Won't even recommend because for the price I pay I can have better sushi at Excapade or even at Sushi King. You can try out to experience yourself because different individual had different perception on food they consume.


Anonymous said…
Agree with u, I won't go there anymore,

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