Green Hornet

Green Hornet, a movie that I realised since last year. Thought of watching it but not very eager type. Purpose is just to watch how great Jay Chou acting skill could go and how great his english could be. That's human, like to see more improvement in someone when he is so much capable in so many fields.

Jay Chou as Kato. His english was real surprising when his first line came out. He is much better than I thought. Maybe because Taiwanese did not give me much great impression while speak english or to say I got bad influence from Jacky Wu. =.='''

For the very first time, for real the first time I ever I think Jay Chou is good looking. Did grab part of my heart away and his smile really makes my heart beat goes a little faster than normal.

Some of the movie scenes that you get to see in "Green Hornet". It was truly awesome especially the "black beauty". You would totally hoping to have one of them and I wanted the only one that Jay Chou drove at the last scene before it ends. That's a "WOW"!!!

You can see how well Jay Chou improve compare to his previous movie. Not in facial expression but he intended to do better in dialogue which brings up emotion and also action part where I think he did much effort in that. Big Hooray for him. Hoping to see more of his movies future in different element.

I personally think this movie was great and if there's any part 2, I'm sure there to support him.


Brendon said…
It was a normal film...I think it has alot of things which can improve, which is the screenplay...if jay chou screenplay is more abit, and the movie length shorten abit....this movie is close to perfect..
-pEi- said…
thanks for the comment
its great to see you here
thanks for support, i am not good in movie but instead in food
Brendon said…
Watch all classic movies from 1930's - 1990's then you'll good in movie....haha. Not kidding..try to see this ""....i just watch 20+ movies from the list. Haha..

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